Aluminium Storage Boxes

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Pittman supply a range of sturdy aluminium storage boxes including light alloy storage boxes and aluminium storage cases. Our high quality boxes are manufactured in Germany by our preferred supply Gmohling, a family- run company that has been in business for over 70 years. Made to exacting manufacturing specifications and rigorously tested, products are renowned for their durability.

Aluminium boxes are the ideal storage solution for transporting and keeping items safe with the contents protected against dust, water splashes, impacts and falling.

Ideal for commercial or private use as well as for use in logistics processes in industrial facilities boxes are also suitable for the craft sector, workshops, hobbies, travel and leisure. The light alloy storage boxes are easily transportable and robust with textured surfaces making them highly scratch-resistant.

Suitable for containing high-value items keeping them protected from water-based hazards including rain, boxes are suitable for use in a variety of environments. Ideal for use camping, photographic equipment, in hospitals and industries handling high-value items, as well as banks and civil defence industries.

The Gmohling Eco Aluminium Storage Case comes in 5 different sizes to suit different storage requirements, making them ideal for keeping hobby equipment to transport equipment safe for the long term. Lightweight and scratch-resistant boxes feature reinforced rims for increased strength as well as hinged lids with rubber seals to ensure boxes are safely closed. Hinges can also be removed to remove lids completely. Pittman’s aluminium boxes can be stacked and unstacked more easily than those with stacking corners owing to the stacking groove around the rim enabling them to slide effortlessly on top of one another.

Pittman also stock Midy Aluminium Storage Boxes are perfect for storing hobby and craft supplies as well as for industrial use. The light design allows for ease of transportations, ideal for when there is a need to regularly move goods, for example when travelling overseas. Boxes offer long term protection of items and come in a wide variety of sizes suitable for traveling tradesmen, industrial engineers, sports enthusiasts and hobbyists.

The Premium Aluminium Storage Box is a best-selling product offering excellent storage capability in lightweight aluminium whilst offering maximum protection. Ideal for use in extreme weather conditions the aluminium won’t deteriorate like wood or plastic. Boxes are also anti-static and have excellent terminal conductivity.

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