Cable Mat

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GHP Cable Tidy - Protection Ramp Indoor 1MGHP Cable Tidy - Protection Ramp Indoor 1M
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Pittman® GHP Cable Tidy - Protection Ramp Indoor 1M
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Cable Bridge 490 Bolt DownCable Bridge 490 Bolt Down
SKU: 762115
Pittman® Cable Bridge 490 Bolt Down
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Pedestrian Cable Cover
SKU: 756352
Pittman® CR2-X Pedestrian Cable Cover
Sale price£52.00ex VAT

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Cable Mat

What is a cable mat used for?

Cable Mats are widely used to cover and protect loose wires, cables and small hoses in workplaces and at events. Many will use even just regular entrance mats to cover up cables – this can in fact present as many hazards as it prevents. Non-specialist mats are not particularly good at arresting the rolling of cables which can therefore pretty quickly result in a trip or fall.

Do I need cable mats or cable protectors?

Instead of using cable mats, entrance matting or even regular mats PITTMAN highly recommend using cable protectors or cable covers.

Our best selling safety device for preventing slips and trips from trailing leads is the GHP Cable Tidy which comes in handy modular format, with male / female ends allowing you to form whatever length you require of cable protection. Furthermore these GHP Rubber Cable Tidy units are available to order in black or in yellow – allowing you to choose the correct balance for your workplace between high visibility or discrete.

Other very popular options to use instead of cable mats are our medium to heavy duty units including the HR2 Cable Protection Ramp and the Cable Protection Ramp 1200mm.

For light to medium duty environments don’t forget the CR2 Cable Protection Cover which has a handy lid and comes with the option of corner curved sections allowing you to form whatever shape you need to follow a particular route.

Need help choosing the best alternative to a cable mat? Then call the friendly PITTMAN team for accurate advise and competitive pricing on bulk requirements.