Rubber Mat Roll

Wide Range of Rubber Mat Rolls with Fast Nationwide Delivery

Boost grip and stability in the workplace with a wide range of rubber mat rolls. Ideal for boosting pedestrian grip, shelf covering, truck beds and more. Cover large areas fast with matting rolls or cut and tailor easily to fit your project. Get expert advice on rubber matting with custom rolls lengths available on request. Call our sales team on 0121 630 3527 or email

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Rubber Mat Roll
Check n Roll Rubber MattingCheck n Roll Rubber Matting
SKU: 722462
Notrax Check n Roll Rubber Matting
Sale priceFrom £33.56ex VAT
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Crossgrip Roof Walkway Anti-Slip MattingCrossgrip Roof Walkway Anti-Slip Matting
SKU: 730100
Pittman® Crossgrip Roof Walkway Anti-Slip Matting
Sale priceFrom £499.00ex VAT
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Dots n Roll Rubber MatDots n Roll Rubber Mat
SKU: 861285
Notrax Dots n Roll Rubber Mat
Sale priceFrom £281.46ex VAT
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Heronair Anti Slip MattingHeronair Anti Slip Matting
SKU: 730135
Pittman® Heronair Anti Slip Matting
Sale priceFrom £351.00ex VAT
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Rib 'n' Roll Rubber MattingRib 'n' Roll Rubber Matting
SKU: 722471
Notrax Rib 'n' Roll Rubber Matting
Sale priceFrom £14.64ex VAT
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Floorline Anti Slip MattingFloorline Anti Slip Matting
SKU: 730138
Pittman® Floorline Anti Slip Matting
Sale priceFrom £347.00ex VAT
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Diamond Plate Runner Rubber MatDiamond Plate Runner Rubber Mat
SKU: 722438
Notrax Diamond Plate Runner Rubber Mat
Sale priceFrom £27.43ex VAT
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Vynagrip Anti Slip MatVynagrip Anti Slip Mat
SKU: 730110
Pittman® Vynagrip Anti Slip Matting
Sale priceFrom £267.00ex VAT
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Spaghetti Site Anti Slip MatSpaghetti Site Anti Slip Mat
SKU: 748049
Pittman® Spaghetti Site Anti Slip Mat
Sale price£659.00ex VAT

If you need to purchase rubber mats by the roll we have a fantastic range to choose from at Pittman. Whether you need for an industrial environment or private setting we can provivde rubber matting that provides grip an reliability at all times.

How long is a rubber mat roll?

The rubber mat rolls range from 10 metres to 22.8 metres long. If required the rubber mats can be cut on site easily.

What are rubber mat rolls used for?

Rubber mat rolls are used to provide grip for pedestrians in the area. Rubber mats are commonly used at workstations and walkways where there is frequent pedestrian traffic.

One of our most popular rubber mat rolls is the Diamond Plate Runner Rubber Mat 4.7mm. This rubber floor runner comes with a diamond surface that provides grip for pedestrian shoes. The thin rubber mat can be cut easily if needed and they are also commonly used to line shelves, to line vehicles and more.

rubber mat roll

How to cut rubber mat rolls?

Rubber mat rolls can be cut with a fine blade or sharp scissors. Each mat is made from a thin rubber material that allows for easy customising on site.

The Rib n Roll Rubber Matting can be cut easily but is still quite resistant to wear and tear. The ribbed surface provides excellent anti-slip properties to the area. Choose from 2 colours and 2 rib sizes.

why use a rubber mat roll