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Triangular London Wheel ClampTriangular London Wheel Clamp
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Pittman® Triangular London Wheel Clamp
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Get fast delivery on wheel clamps when you order online at Pittman. Our Triangular London Wheel Clamp is available for fast delivery direct from our Athy warehouse. Our wheel clamp has been made for use with almost all standard car types - perfect for Irish owned vehicles.

Why use a wheel clamp?

Using a wheel clamp is an excellent way to deter illegal parking. By placing a clamp on an illegally parked vehicle you can deter repeat offences. Clamps can also offer an excellent means of deterring vehicle theft if used personally.

How do wheel clamps work?

Wheel clamps prevent vehicle wheels from rotating 360 degrees. The chain wraps around the car wheel and locks in place to prevent movement. They also prevent access to wheel nuts and prevent wheels from being removed. Wheel clamps are often accompanied by hefty release fees to deter repeat offences.

Use a wheel clamps warning sign to give motorists notice of clamping in operation. No parking stickers can also be used to serve as a warning to offending motorists.

How to install a wheel clamp

1) Have the main plate facing the right way up

2) Wrap the chain around the wheel arch

3) Pull the chain through or around the wheel to secure

4) Pull the chain through the locking hole (as tight or as far as you can)

5) Use a lock to lock the clamp in position and to prevent it from being removed

6) Once installed the wheel clamp should sit neatly like below



wheel clamp