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Wheel Guides for Loading Bay Safety - Large Stocks, Fast Delivery

Use wheel guides to mark loading bays and safely guide trucks into place. Reduce the risk of vehicles colliding with other vehicles or nearby buildings, walkways and more. See a full range of steel designs in straight, cranked and low-profile formats. Single-piece wheel guide designs for easy installation on site.Bolt-down fast for instant protection of vehicles and other assets. Have an upcoming loading bay revamp? Call our experts on 0121 630 3527 or email sales@pittman.uk for the best quotes and bulk discounts.

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Wheel Guide
Black Bull Cranked Wheel GuideBlack Bull Cranked Wheel Guide
SKU: 750714
Moravia Black Bull Cranked Wheel Guide
Sale priceFrom £1,285.00ex VAT
Reduces Incidence Of Damage To Loading Bays | Free Shipping
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Straight Wheel Guides PairStraight Wheel Guides Pair
SKU: 862593
Pittman® Straight Wheel Guides Pair
Sale price£620.00ex VAT
Rust and Corrosion Resistant
Low Profile Wheel GuidesLow Profile Wheel Guides Pair
SKU: 763618
Pittman® Low Profile Wheel Guides Pair
Sale price£620.00ex VAT
Suitable For Lower Profile Vehicles Or Trailers
Cranked Wheel Guides PairCranked Wheel Guides Pair
SKU: 862594
Pittman® Cranked Wheel Guides Pair
Sale price£620.00ex VAT
Splayed Ends to Guide Truck Drivers
Cranked Wheel Guide Pairs (3 Metre)Cranked Wheel Guide Pairs (3 Metre)
SKU: 763621
Pittman® Cranked Wheel Guide Pairs (3 Metre)
Sale price£695.00ex VAT
Galvanised Steel Impact Protection
Economy Steel Tyre Stop - 2500mmEconomy Steel Tyre Stop - 2500mm
SKU: 756561
Pittman® Economy Steel Tyre Stop - 2500mm
Sale price£359.50ex VAT
Strong, Resistant Guide For LGVs
Economy Steel Tyre Stop - 600mmEconomy Steel Tyre Stop - 600mm
SKU: 756560
Pittman® Economy Steel Tyre Stop - 600mm
Sale price£75.00ex VAT
Perfect For Use With LGVs
Traffic Line Wheel StopTraffic Line Wheel Stop
SKU: 756432
Moravia Traffic Line Wheel Stop
Sale price£82.50ex VAT
Helps Define The End Of Parking Spaces
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HGV Heavy Duty Wheel StopHGV Heavy Duty Wheel Stop
SKU: 895761
Pittman® HGV Heavy Duty Wheel Stop
Sale price£87.90ex VAT
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