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Option: Spill Scooter 88cm x 88cm x 14cm - 42Lts
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Easily Move Drums To Avoid Costly Spills

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  • Manufactured from polyethylene
  • Suitable for the transport of standard 205 litre drums and smaller containers
  • Unique tool tray, removable grate and sump drain plug
  • Ensures compliance with the Oil Storage Regulations 2001
  • Sump Volume: 215 litres

The Poly Spillcart® is an ideal product for enabling effortless transportation of standard 205 litre drums or other smaller containers around work sites whilst eliminating the risk of spillages altogether.

Manufactured from polyethylene, it has a large sump for containing any spilled liquids and ergonomic handles and smooth rolling castors for superb manoeuvrability.

It also features a handy and unique tool tray for keeping tools clean and within reach whilst working and a removable grate manufactured from structural foam for easy cleaning.

The Spill Scooter™ allows you to transport standard 205 litre drums vertically around work places whilst dispensing liquids at various locations. The Spill Scooter™, as well as enabling drum transport also provides secondary containment should a spill or leak occur during dispensation or transportation.

Spills and leaks are contained in the sump and a drain is incorporated into the design to allow for easy drainage. It is manufactured from polyethylene, is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and will not corrode.

Enpac Spill Scooter | Pack of 1 | Unit

  • Dimensions (mm): 880 (l) x 880 (w) x 140 (h)
  • Weight (kg): 12

Enpac Spill Cart | Pack of 1 | Unit

  • Dimensions (mm): 1690 (l) x 1740 (w) x 1120 (h)
  • Weight (kg): 57
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