Aerosol Line Marking Paint

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Proline Line Marking Paint ApplicatorsProline Line Marking Paint Applicators
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Moravia Proline Line Marking Paint Applicators
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Proline Line Marking Paint KitProline Line Marking Paint Kit
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Proline Line Marking PaintProline Line Marking Paint
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Moravia Proline Line Marking Paint
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Produces 50-90m of Lines - Touch Dry in 20 minutes
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Proline Anti-slip Floor PaintProline Anti-slip Floor Paint
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If you like fast drying line marking paints, you have reached the right destination. Line marking solutions from Proline & Logo A comes in Aerosol spray unit. With the aerosol spray unit, you will effortlessly be able to paint walkways in industrial areas, perimeters on sports fields and playgrounds, doorways, emergency exits, supply roads. The paints perform very well both indoors and outdoors, the aerosol not only helps perform jobs effortlessly, but also help do the job accurately. The aerosol unit is also affordable, one of the many benefits is that it dries up within minutes, this means the area need not be cordoned off, and no productivity is lost for the paint to dry.

Proline paint is premium choice for line marking and is far superior to competitors. The paint can be used in concrete, tarmac, asphalt and metal. The paint comes in a range of variations including white, yellow, orange, red, green, grey and black ensures that you will be able to find the ideal for your use. The paint produces excellent visibility and is quick drying and weather resistant. The paint is abrasion and weather resistant. There is a safety cap for prevention of accidental spraying. It is uses a non-toxic dye that is free from toluene, lead and cadmium. LogoA the fluorescent range of paints can be used in significant locations either to guide or act as measuring points. The paint can be used in to quickly highlight urgent locations including crime scenes and can be used to paint emergency escape routes.