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See our full range of heavy-duty wheel chocks for cars, trucks and aircraft with large stocks for fast delivery. Choose from plastic and rubber wheel chocks suitable for a variety of vehicle types. Prevent vehicles from rolling and reduce the risk of costly repairs to assets. Need help with wheel chocks? Call us on 0121 630 3527 or email sales@pittman.uk.

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Wheel Chocks
GHP Wheel Chock 9GHP Wheel Chock 9
SKU: 751205
Pittman® GHP Wheel Chock 9
Sale price£26.00ex VAT
Prevent HGVs and Trailers from Rolling
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All Rubber GHP Wheel ChockAll Rubber GHP Wheel Chock
SKU: 751207
Pittman® All Rubber GHP Wheel Chock
Sale price£18.50ex VAT
Supports Trucks and Trailers up to 20 Tonnes
GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 2GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 2
SKU: 751217
Pittman® GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 2
Sale price£40.00ex VAT
Perfect For Smaller Aircraft
GHP Yellow Wheel Chock - 12GHP Yellow Wheel Chock - 12
SKU: 751212
Pittman® GHP Yellow Wheel Chock - 12
Sale price£24.00ex VAT
Versatile Chock For Smaller Vehicles
Small GHP Wheel ChockSmall GHP Wheel Chock
SKU: 751210
Pittman® Small GHP Wheel Chock
Sale price£9.00ex VAT
Light Chock For Cars And Trailers
GHP Wheel Chock 8GHP Wheel Chock 8
SKU: 751200
Pittman® GHP Wheel Chock 8
Sale priceFrom £22.00ex VAT
Can Be Secured With Rope If Needed
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Emergency Wheel ChockEmergency Wheel Chock
SKU: 751230
Pittman® Emergency Wheel Chock
Sale price£22.00ex VAT
Useful For Emergency Vehicles
GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 8GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 8
SKU: 751218
Pittman® GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 8
Sale price£84.00ex VAT
Prevent Large Aircraft From Shifting
GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 5GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 5
SKU: 862502
Pittman® GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 5
Sale price£78.00ex VAT
Popular Chock For Larger Aircraft
GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 4GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 4
SKU: 862501
Pittman® GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 4
Sale price£52.00ex VAT
Stop Aircraft from Accidentally Rolling
GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 7GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 7
SKU: 862504
Pittman® GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 7
Sale price£62.00ex VAT
Our Highest Aircraft Chock
GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 9GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 9
SKU: 862505
Pittman® GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 9
Sale price£124.00ex VAT
In Stock For Fast Delivery
GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock Black/YellowGHP Aircraft Wheel Chock Black/Yellow
SKU: 729542
Pittman® GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock Black/Yellow
Sale price£86.00ex VAT
Highly Visible Aircraft Chock Prevents Rolling
GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock - 333mm Long
SKU: 729554
Pittman® GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock - 333mm Long
Sale price£119.50ex VAT
Highly Visible Chocks for Large Aircraft
GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock - 500mm Long
SKU: 729553
Pittman® GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock - 500mm Long
Sale price£129.50ex VAT
Handled GHP Wheel ChockHandled GHP Wheel Chock
SKU: 751211
Pittman® Handled GHP Wheel Chock
Sale price£24.00ex VAT
Easy To Use With Built In Handle
Lite Wheel ChockLite Wheel Chock
SKU: 862731
Pittman® Lite Wheel Chock
Sale price£35.00ex VAT
Prevents Light Rolls From Moving
MC Heavy Duty Wheel Chock - 122 Tonne Capacitymc wheel chocks
SKU: 749084
Pittman® MC Heavy Duty Wheel Chock - 122 Tonne Capacity
MC Heavy Duty Wheel Chock - 275 Tonne Capacity
SKU: 749085
Pittman® MC Heavy Duty Wheel Chock - 275 Tonne Capacity
MC Heavy Duty Wheel Chock - 400 Tonne CapacityMC Heavy Duty Wheel Chock - 400 Tonne Capacity
SKU: 749086
Pittman® MC Heavy Duty Wheel Chock - 400 Tonne Capacity
MC Heavy Duty Wheel Chock - 427 Tonne Capacity
SKU: 749087
Pittman® MC Heavy Duty Wheel Chock - 427 Tonne Capacity
Plastic Wheel ChockPlastic Wheel Chock
SKU: 862499
Pittman® Plastic Wheel Chock
Sale price£20.00ex VAT
Lightweight Plastic HGV Chock
Heavy Duty Wheel ChockHeavy Duty Wheel Chock
SKU: 862746
Pittman® Heavy Duty Wheel Chock
Sale priceFrom £68.00ex VAT
Bigger Chock For Wider Wheels
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Handled Wheel ChockHandled Wheel Chock
SKU: 751214
Pittman® Handled Wheel Chock
Sale price£116.00ex VAT
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Wheel chocks are wedges placed behind vehicle wheels to prevent the vehicle from accidentally rolling. They are often used to double up on vehicle protection where the handbrake is not strong enough or if vehicles are parked on an incline. Once wedged in behind or in front of wheels, the chocks will reduce the risk of accidental movement, damage or injury.

Use vehicle chocks with cars, trailers, caravans, HGVs, aircraft and more. Rubber chocks are suitable for almost any vehicle type. The larger the vehicle, the heavier the chock will need to be. Parking chocks can often include chains to bolt down for permanent use within that area. 

While the chocks are behind the vehicle wheel, they will prevent the car from rolling. In addition, they often come with gripped or ribbed surfaces for increased grip against the vehicle tyres. The tyres should fit snugly against the chock and it should not be too small for the tyre or the vehicle's weight.

Truck wheel chocks can be used with a variety of larger vehicles including HGVs, LGVs and trailers.

Aircraft wheel chocks can be used at airport aprons where planes are parked up for long periods. They often include eyelets so that chain can be attached for permanent on-site use.

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heavy duty wheel chocks
Why use rubber vehicle chocks?

Rubber chocks provide many benefits while in use.

  • Prevent vehicles from rolling - while the vehicle chocks are in place, they will stop vehicles from moving out of position, meaning better on-site safety.
  • Prevent vehicle collisions - when vehicles are immobilised, they are less likely to collide with other vehicles. Chocking will help to prevent vehicle damage and reduce expensive vehicle repairs.
  • Protect pedestrians from harm - rolling vehicles could result in severe injury to pedestrians. Pedestrians may include on-site workers, visitors, vehicle mechanics and more.
  • Suitable where brakes are not good enough - some vehicle braking systems may not be good enough to hold certain weights, especially on inclines. Truck chocks can prevent crewless vehicle trailers from rolling while stored or under maintenance.
How to choose the correct tire chocks

Before installing tire chocks, ensure you check the following.

  • Carry out a risk assessment of the area - before installation, be sure to check the entire site. Note any hazards, risks or details that may help determine what you require for the area. Is the vehicle on an incline? How many vehicles are passing through the site regularly? 
  • Determine what vehicles you are trying to chock - it is crucial to know the vehicles' sizes, weights, and dimensions in question, especially when looking for truck wheel chocks. Having the correct details will make selecting the right chocks easier.

For aircraft wheel chocks consult airline-specific guidelines regarding any specifications required for chocking.

  • Ensure the chock matches the requirements - all chocks come with max loading weights. Know how heavy your vehicles are, and make sure the specifications match the vehicle weight. Chocks that are too light for the vehicle risk breaking and allowing it to move.
  • How often will the chocks be required - some products include chain eyes to provide more permanent fixing to the ground. They are highly suitable for busy freight depots or runways. However, if vehicles are parking in specified parking bays and nearby assets need to be protected, wheel stops may suit the area better.