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See the full Pittman® range of warehouse bollards delivered quickly from our UK warehouse. Get bulk discounts on the excellent Black Bull® range - made from hot-dip galvanised steel for long-lasting warehouse protection and available in surface and sub-surface mounting options. Upgrading your warehouse? Call our experts on 0121 630 3527 or email sales@pittman.uk for fast quotations.

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Warehouse Bollards
Pittman­® Warehouse Range 2023

See our full range of warehouse protection, including UK's best range of warehouse bollards. Fast delivery on stock items. View our digital warehouse catalogue now.

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Black Bull Heavy Duty Bollard - Surface MountBlack Bull Heavy Duty Bollard - Surface Mount
SKU: 765241
Moravia Black Bull Heavy Duty Bollard - Surface Mount
Sale priceFrom £148.95ex VAT
Heavy Duty Protection Ranging From 90 - 323mm Diameter
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Black Bull Heavy Duty Bollard - Sub-Surface MountBlack Bull Heavy Duty Bollard - Sub-Surface Mount
SKU: 765237
Moravia Black Bull Heavy Duty Bollard - Sub-Surface Mount
Sale priceFrom £143.50ex VAT
Sub-Surface For Maximum Strength
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FlexBrite™ Flexible Bollard 1000mm (Yellow/Black)FlexBrite™ Flexible Bollard 1000mm (Yellow/Black)
SKU: 762103
FlexBrite FlexBrite™ Flexible Bollard 1000mm (Yellow/Black)
Sale priceFrom £49.50ex VAT
100% Pure Polyurethane - Extreme Durability | 2 Year Warranty
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Black Bull Railing System - BollardBlack Bull Railing System - Bollard
SKU: 765092
Moravia Black Bull Railing System - Bollard
Sale priceFrom £134.50ex VAT
Optional Bollard To Complete Your Railing System
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BudgetBollard Fixed Security BollardBudgetBollard Fixed Security Bollard
SKU: 752191
Pittman® BudgetBollard Fixed Security Bollard
Sale priceFrom £53.50ex VAT
Hot-Dip Galvanised to Reduce Rusting
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Traffic Line Spring Loaded BollardTraffic Line Spring Loaded Bollard
SKU: 756409
Moravia Traffic Line Spring Loaded Bollard
Sale priceFrom £308.50ex VAT
Flexible Steel Posts That Bend up to 30°
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At Pittman we have a wide range of warehouse bollards that are perfect for providing protection to nearby assets, machinery, walls or walkways. Our range of warehouse bollards consists of many different types and sizes of bollards that provide protection on many levels.

For fast delivery consider our Black Bull® warehouse bollards, ideal for the toughest of environments and excellent protection and durability in your warehouse.

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The Black Bull® Warehouse Bollard Range

The Black Bull Heavy Duty Bollard Surface Mount can be installed quickly and easily into the area you need them most and can prevent nearby assets from taking damage, especially nearby pillars, walls, equipment or machinery that may be exposed in the open.

These bollards are made from hot-dip galvanised steel and have excellent protection against rusting and corrosion, even if they become chipped or scratched while in use. These warehouse bollards can be purchased in a bolt down or sub-surface format.

The Black Bull Crash Protection Spring Bollard is an excellent addition to the warehouse bollards range. This bollard is available in an indoor or outdoor format and comes with an integral system that allows the bollard to flex up to 25° to absorb impact that may occur from opposing forces. This helps to reduce the damage to the bollard and the impacting item, i.e. a forklift that may bump into the bollard. Once it has flexed it will return to its original position immediately.

Warehouse Bollards FAQ

Most warehouse bollards are installed by bolting them down into the ground via integral base plates.

To install the bollards be sure to measure the area and mark the appropriate places where the bollards will be installed. Ensure that any area where work vehicles will be passing through will have enough room to manoeuvre as normal.

When the area has been marked drill the appropriate hole size for the fixings as needed. Re-insert the bollards into place and tighten each bollard hole and fixing as necessary. Be sure not to overtiighten fixings to avoid them breaking.

There are several industrial bollard options available, ranging from light to heavy duty requirements.

  • Light-duty - light-duty industrial bollards are suited to areas where there is less frequent work vehicle traffic. These bollards are generally thinner in diameter and offer excellent protection from, trolleys, pallet trucks and more.

  • Medium-duty - medium duty bollards will work well in areas where there is more frequent work vehicle traffic and risk of work vehicle impacts. These bollards are usually slightly wider in diameter while some may also have a thicker steel wall. Use medium duty bollards to protect warehouse stock and racking from forklifts and reach trucks.

  • Heavy-duty - heavy duty industrial bollards are best suited to areas where there is a high risk of impact from heavy work vehicles. Heavy-duty bollards usually offer the best protection in warehouses and can greatly reduce the risk of warehouse accidents. They are generally some of the thickest, widest bollards available and offer excellent protection from heavy forklifts and trucks.
  • Static - suitable for guiding vehicles in a warehouse and creating a clear boundary between work vehicles, racking and pedestrians. Static bollards can usually withstand an impact or two at low speeds but are not made for frequent impacts.

Flexible - provides increased protection to impacting vehicles. When flexible warehouse bollards bend they can absorb the force and reduce the overall damage to forklifts and other work vehicles. Most flexible warehouse bollards are made for withstanding several impacts.

The force that a warehouse bollard can stop will depend on several factors.

  • The speed of the impacting vehicle
  • The size and weight of the impacting vehicle
  • The size and thickness of the bollard
  • How well the bollard is installed
  • If the bollard is static or flexible

To ensure you install the correct bollards for your warehouse you will need to carry out a full risk assessment of the area.