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Choose Pittman® for fast delivery on a wide range of portable barriers made for professionals. Portable barriers provide a mobile and versatile barrier option for professional and public spaces. Use the barriers to deter pedestrian entry indoors or outdoors and easily store when not in use. Highly transportable for work vans and trucks and quick deployment to site. Call our portable barrier experts on 0121 630 3527 or email sales@pittman.uk

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Portable Barriers

Ultra Portable Barrier

GHP Portable BarrierGHP Portable Barrier
SKU: 727320
Pittman® GHP Portable Barrier
Sale price£279.50ex VAT
High Maneuverability; Expands Fully to 3.85m
Ultra Expandable BarrierUltra Portable Barrier
SKU: 763657
PITTMAN® UK Ultra Portable Barrier
Sale price£149.50ex VAT
Water Fillable - Expands to 2.2m
Terminal Expandable BarrierTerminal Expandable Barrier
SKU: 763656
Pittman® Terminal Expandable Barrier
Sale price£99.50ex VAT
For Indoor Use - Expands to 3.4m
FlexPro 110 Expandable BarrierFlexPro 110 Expandable Barrier
SKU: 712126
Queue Solutions FlexPro 110 Expandable Barrier
Sale price£158.00ex VAT
Steel and Aluminium Design - Expands to 3.5m
Aluminium Pedestrian Walkway System
SKU: 821280
Pittman® Aluminium Pedestrian Walkway System
Sale priceFrom £1,508.00ex VAT
Choose options
MultiMax™ Chain PostsMultiMax™ Chain Posts
SKU: 862198
Pittman® MultiMax™ Chain Posts
Sale price£229.00ex VAT
Extern Chain PostExtern Chain Post
SKU: 752730
Moravia Extern Chain Post
Sale priceFrom £86.50ex VAT
Alternative Chain Post For Temporary Use
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JSP Navigator® Safety Barrier - Pallet of 40JSP Navigator® Safety Barrier - Pallet of 40
SKU: 724550
JSP JSP Navigator® Safety Barrier - Pallet of 40
Sale price£1,440.00ex VAT
JSP Titan® Expanding BarrierJSP Titan® Expanding Barrier
SKU: 899477
JSP JSP Titan® Expanding Barrier
Sale price£169.00ex VAT
High Stability - Suitable in Wind or on Rough Ground. Expands to 3.3m
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Safegate Manhole BarrierSafegate Manhole Barrier
SKU: 762153
Oxford Plastics Safegate Manhole Barrier
Sale priceFrom £59.50ex VAT
Protect Pedestrians from Open Groundworkds
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FlexPro 160 Expandable BarrierFlexPro 160 Expandable Barrier
SKU: 712127
Queue Solutions FlexPro 160 Expandable Barrier
Sale price£216.00ex VAT
Our Widest Expandable Barrier - Expands to 4.8m
XPT Chain Traffic SeparatorsXPT Chain Traffic Separators
SKU: 747200
XPT XPT Chain Traffic Separators
Skipper Post and Base SystemSkipper Post and Base System
Skipper Skipper Post and Base System
Sale priceFrom £23.95ex VAT
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QueueMaster Retractable Belt BarrierQueueMaster Retractable Belt Barrier
SKU: 782128
Queue Solutions QueueMaster Retractable Belt Barrier
Sale priceFrom £55.00ex VAT
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RopeMaster Event PackRopeMaster Event Pack
SKU: 782518
Queue Solutions RopeMaster Event Pack
Sale priceFrom £178.50ex VAT
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Guarda Chain PostGuarda Chain Post
SKU: 752720
Moravia Guarda Chain Post
Sale priceFrom £11.50ex VAT
Create Your Own Chain Set With Individual Posts
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What are portable barriers used for?

Portable barriers are used to deny access, direct traffic or protect pedestrians from open groundworks. Mobile barriers can be deployed to site with great ease. They are ideal for short notice installations and temporary setups. They are also ideal for regular maintance work where they can be stored and transported to and from sites with ease.

Where to use portable barriers?

Portable barriers can be used for

  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Open groundworks
  • Street maintenance
  • Indoor maintenance
  • School grounds
  • Traffic management and more
portable barrier
portable safety barriers
Why use portable barriers?

Portable barriers are -

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to transport
  • Lightweight and easy to deploy
  • Available in a variety of design and options
  • Suited to many environment types

The Ultra Portable Barrier can be deployed to site fast. The lightweight barrier can be carried and transported from site with great ease. The design allows it to be released and expanded when you need it. If being used outdoors the mobile barrier can be filled with water to provide added weight.

To cover a wider area the GHP Portable Barrier can assist. The movable barriers come with castors to move them around with ease. When needed the clasps can be undone to cover up to 3.85m when fully expanded. The gate style design of the barrier allows it to be used in straight lines, at 90 degree points and more. The highly visible caution symbols are noticeable to pedestrians and makes them ideal for maintenance crews.

portable barrier system
Portable Barriers FAQ

Portable barriers are temporary physical barriers designed to control access, boost security, or manage crowds. The mobile nature of these barriers means they can be quickly deployed and removed when needed. Most portable barriers are easy to lift by hand or come with wheels or castors for easy moving along the ground.

Portable barriers are often used for security, site safety, crowd control traffic management, and more. They are typically used to deter pedestrians or vehicles into an area by providing a highly visible barrier in the area in question. The mobile nature of the barriers also means that they can be easily removed from the area when no longer required.

Portable barriers come in various formats and designs that are suited to different requirements.

  • Steel Barriers: Steel barriers can interlock together to cover large distances. These barriers are often used public events to control crowds.
  • Plastic Barriers: Plastic barriers are ightweight options that are easy to transport, commonly used for public groundworks
  • Expandable Barriers: Expandable mobile barriers can expand or contract to cover various lengths. When not in use they can usually fold up to a much more compact size for easy transport.

There are many reasons to use portable barriers.

  • Versatility - portable barriers are mobile and easy to transport to and from site. Most options are light or may come with wheels or castors so that they can be adjusted or moved when needed. They are suited to various needs and applications
  • Cost-effective - portable barriers are highly effective at a low cost. Their reusability makes them ideal for transport to and from site for project after project.
  • Fast deployment - the mobile nature of the barriers means they can be installed and layed out by hand.