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Choose from our wide range of wall protection guards with expert advice available. Protect exposed walls against work vehicle impacts and reduce the need for costly repairs. Get fast quotes on a range of steel, rubber and plastic wall protectors suited to your project. Call us on 0121 630 3527 or email sales@pittman.uk for fast quotes and expert advice.

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Wall Protection
Rectangle Surface Protection FoamRectangle Surface Protection Foam
SKU: 763521
Moravia Rectangle Surface Protection Foam
Sale priceFrom £40.70ex VAT
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Hospital Wall Protection ProfileHospital Wall Protection Profile White
SKU: 765517
Moravia Wall Protection Buffer
Sale priceFrom £123.36ex VAT
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Corner Impact Protection GuardCorner Impact Protection Guard
SKU: 762163
Pittman® Corner Impact Protection Guard
Sale price£32.50ex VAT
GHP Corner Protection GuardGHP Corner Protector
SKU: 719048
Pittman® GHP Corner Protector
Sale price£29.99ex VAT
Foam Wall Protector RollFoam Wall Protector Roll
SKU: 712129
Pittman® Foam Wall Protector Roll
Sale price£108.00ex VAT
Plastic Safety Rumble StripPlastic Safety Rumble Strip
SKU: 763661
Pittman® Plastic Safety Rumble Strip
Sale price£32.00ex VAT
Rubber Wall Guard with ChevronRubber Wall Guard with Chevron
SKU: 763617
Pittman® Rubber Wall Guard with Chevron
Sale price£24.95ex VAT
Wall Guard with Double D StripWall Guard with Double D Strip
SKU: 763616
Pittman® Wall Guard with Double D Strip
Sale price£45.00ex VAT
Park IT Rubber Wheel Stop - Yellow MarkingsPark It 1800mm Rubber Wheel Stop (Yellow)
SKU: 750214
GNR Park It 1800mm Rubber Wheel Stop (Yellow)
Sale price£59.50ex VAT
Red/White Wheel StopRed/White Park It Installed In Park
SKU: 756555
GNR Park It 1800mm Rubber Wheel Stop (Red)

Wall Protection guards are widely used to protect warehouse and factory walls from impact. Collisions can often happen, which result in surface damage to walls – this can result in scuffs to the walls or more serious structural damage.

Wall protectors come in many different formats and designs, including rubber, foam, plastic and steel. Foam wall protectors provide light duty protection to walls and can reduce the risk of head injuries to staff. Plastic and rubber provides medium to heavy-duty wall protection and can often deflect or absorb impact from work vehicles. Steel wall protectors offer heavy-duty protection to warehouse assets and are often used in loading bays and busy freight areas.

Why use wall protection?

Using wall protectors in the workplace can

• Reduce damage to exposed walls

• Reduce the risk of serious structural damage

• Minimise the damage to impacting vehicles

• Minimise the need for repairs or replacements


Many of our wall protection solutions come with reflective sections, which can help boost the visibility of the hazard and perhaps even prevent the collision in the first place.

Rubber Wall Guard with Chevron: ideal for mounting on walls in car parks or warehouses – easily screwed to the surface and comes with bright yellow reflective strips to boost visibility.

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Wall Guard with Double D Strip - a heavy-duty bolt-on solution which has a yellow (non-reflective) strip. This heavy-duty solution is widely used in distribution centres for walls and surfaces.

Right Angle Edge Protection Foam - these foam profiles come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, mainly black and yellow, and can be easily fixed in place. Impact protection foams help prevent staff head injuries and minimal protection to warehouse machinery edges.


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Where to use wall protectors?

Wall protectors are common where there are exposed walls in

• Warehouse and factories

• Indoor corridors

• Hospitals

• Schools

• Storage facilities