Zipper® | Zero Traffic Lane Separator

Style Price Quantity
Main Section (727549)
£48.50ex VAT
£58.20inc VAT
End Section (727546)
£36.50ex VAT
£43.80inc VAT
Modular Design for Fast Custom Project Layouts

Delivery: Normally 2 - 3 Weeks

  • Main section - 280(L) x 280(W) 125(H)mm
  • End section - 280(L) x 280(W) x 125(H)mm
  • Different sections allow for customised project designs
  • 100% recycled plastic - environmentally friendly
  • Modular system for fast on site install
  • Adapts to all road surfaces
  • Durable design - highly resistant to impact
  • 50% reflective surface - visible at all times
  • Modular design allows for custom formats
  • Use for cycle lanes, roundabouts and more

zipper zero traffic lane separator

Easy Installation
Shatter resistant
Bolt Down
High Visibility
Professional Use

The ZICLA Zipper® | Zero lane separator system makes it possible to transform urban space quickly by building segregated cycle lanes and roundabouts.

It protects cyclists and prevents other vehicles on the road from invading the cycle lane.

It is modular and its modules can be installed continuously or discontinuously, allowing the construction of multiple configurations.

It can be adapted to any road surface.

It is highly visible because 50% of the surface of its modules is retroreflective.

Its modules are manufactured from recycled plastic so its environmental impact is minimal. It is an eco-designed product.

It is competitive because it makes it possible to carry out a project with minimal intervention on the public roads.

Its modules are highly resistant to impact and bad weather and they can be anchored to the road surface.

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