XPT - Berlin Speed Cushion

Size: Black/White - 2000 x 1800 x 65mm
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Economic, Waterproof and Stable Traffic Calming

Delivery: Normally 3 - 4 Weeks

  • Made from UV resistant rubber
  • Slows smaller vehicles - won't impace buses or HGVs
  • 4 piece kit - quick and easy installation
  • Approximately 2-3 hour install time
  • Non slip surface - meets European SRT48 standard
  • Perfect for public transport
  • High visbility - high quality 3M reflective tape
  • 2000/3000(L) x 1800(W) x 65(H) mm

Product Specifications:

  • Length: 2000mm / 3000mm
  • Width: 1800mm
  • Height: 65mm
  • Material: UV resistant rubber

The XPT Berlin Speed Cushion provides a highly durable, highly effective means of traffic calming for your area. Each speed cushion comes with 4 sections for quick and easy installation on-site and will provide years of excellent service from the moment it is installed.

The speed cushion is made from UV resistant rubber, allowing it to keep its shape and colour for years at a time. Each piece can be connected with the next with great ease and all fixings come with the kit for an easy installation on site.

The speed cushion is perfect for use in many public areas and is suitable for use with public transport. Buses especially will be able to traverse over the Berlin Speed Cushion with great ease when travelling over them at a reasonable speed.

For high visibility each section of the speed cushion is equipped with hi-vis 3M reflective tape, allowing them to be seen at all times while in use and ensuring that oncoming vehicles are aware of their presence.

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Berlin Speed Cushion FAQ

A Berlin speed cushion can be as installed in as little as 2- 3 hours per cushion. The modular design comes in a 4-piece design and makes it one of the easiest and fastest options for traffic calming installations on road projects.

Yes, Berlin speed cushions can be installed on public roads. The design of the Berlin makes it ideal for use with cars, HGVs, public transport and emergency vehicles.

The Berlin cushion will slow vehicle traffic to approximately 30km/h. The cushions are ideal for slowing traffic to a reasonable speed and allowing for a better traffic flow in urban settings.