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See our full range of wheel chocks for trucks with fast delivery on stock items. Choose from our rubber and plastic designs for a wide range of LGVs, HGVs, trailers and more. Install high-quality truck wheel chocks to prevent rolling vehicles and to protect assets and loading bay infrastructure. Call our sales team on 0121 630 3527 or email for fast quotes.

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Truck Wheel Chocks
GHP Wheel Chock 8GHP Wheel Chock 8
SKU: 751200
Pittman® GHP Wheel Chock 8
Sale priceFrom £22.00ex VAT
Can Be Secured With Rope If Needed
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GHP Wheel Chock 9GHP Wheel Chock 9
SKU: 751205
Pittman® GHP Wheel Chock 9
Sale price£26.00ex VAT
Prevent HGVs and Trailers from Rolling
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Emergency Wheel ChockEmergency Wheel Chock
SKU: 751230
Pittman® Emergency Wheel Chock
Sale price£22.00ex VAT
Useful For Emergency Vehicles
Handled GHP Wheel ChockHandled GHP Wheel Chock
SKU: 751211
Pittman® Handled GHP Wheel Chock
Sale price£24.00ex VAT
Easy To Use With Built In Handle
All Rubber GHP Wheel ChockAll Rubber GHP Wheel Chock
SKU: 751207
Pittman® All Rubber GHP Wheel Chock
Sale price£18.50ex VAT
Supports Trucks and Trailers up to 20 Tonnes
Small GHP Wheel ChockSmall GHP Wheel Chock
SKU: 751210
Pittman® Small GHP Wheel Chock
Sale price£9.00ex VAT
Light Chock For Cars And Trailers
MC Heavy Duty Wheel Chock - 122 Tonne Capacitymc wheel chocks
SKU: 749084
Pittman® MC Heavy Duty Wheel Chock - 122 Tonne Capacity
MC Heavy Duty Wheel Chock - 275 Tonne Capacity
SKU: 749085
Pittman® MC Heavy Duty Wheel Chock - 275 Tonne Capacity
MC Heavy Duty Wheel Chock - 400 Tonne CapacityMC Heavy Duty Wheel Chock - 400 Tonne Capacity
SKU: 749086
Pittman® MC Heavy Duty Wheel Chock - 400 Tonne Capacity
MC Heavy Duty Wheel Chock - 427 Tonne Capacity
SKU: 749087
Pittman® MC Heavy Duty Wheel Chock - 427 Tonne Capacity
Plastic Wheel ChockPlastic Wheel Chock
SKU: 862499
Pittman® Plastic Wheel Chock
Sale price£20.00ex VAT
Lightweight Plastic HGV Chock
Heavy Duty Wheel ChockHeavy Duty Wheel Chock
SKU: 862746
Pittman® Heavy Duty Wheel Chock
Sale priceFrom £68.00ex VAT
Bigger Chock For Wider Wheels
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Handled Wheel ChockHandled Wheel Chock
SKU: 751214
Pittman® Handled Wheel Chock
Sale price£116.00ex VAT
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Truck wheel chocks prevent LGVs, HGVs, articulated lorries or trailers from rolling. These rubber or plastic wedges are placed in front of or behind wheels to prevent the vehicle from accidentally moving. They are crucial to truck drivers where handbrakes may not be operating correctly or strong enough or where vehicles are parked on an incline.

HGV wheel chocks are generally designed from rubber or plastic. While plastic is a lightweight material it can hold a surprising amount of weight when it comes to vehicles. Rubber is the go-to choice for most HGV chocks. Rubber chocks are often fitted with chain eyes so that they can be equipped with chains in permanent use areas. Ribbed designs on the rubber also help with increasing tyre grip.

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How to choose wheel chocks for trucks

When choosing wheel chocks for trucks, you will need to know key information about your vehicle and the area. You should know -

  • Vehicle weight - this will determine what chock will be able to hold the weight of your vehicle
  • Vehicle tyre size - some chocks may hold a heavy weight but may only be suited to certain tyre sizes. Be sure to check the chocks against your tyre size.
  • Surface type - be sure that the surface has grip before using wheel chocks. Loose surfaces such as sand, dirt or gravel may not be suitable for keeping wheel chocks in place
  • Gradient type - depending on whether you park your vehicle on an incline or decline will determine how many chocks you need and how to install them.
How many wheel chocks do I need for my truck?
  • Facing downhill - use one wheel chock on each wheel on the tyres that are facing downhill
  • Facing uphill - use one wheel chock on each tyre at the rear of the vehicle, again facing downhill
  • Flat surface - place wheel chocks on both sides of the truck tyres and prevent it from rolling in either direction.

These are general recommendations for chocking trucks. For your vehicle, please refer to vehicle manufacturer recommendations or guidelines. Larger trucks may require more chocks, especially vehicles with more axles and tyres. The amount required will also depend on the varying gradients of the parking surface.

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