XPT Refuge Island

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Separate Traffic Junctions On Public Roads

Delivery: Normally 5 - 6 Weeks

  • Made from 100% rubber granules
  • Robust design - heavily resistant to impact damage
  • Modular design - easy installation on site
  • 3M reflective white tape - highly visible, even at night
  • Suitable for combining with poles and signage
  • Use at junctions, in car parks or for pedestrian crossings

The XPT Refuge Island can be installed quickly and easily directly onto the ground and provides an excellent application for separating traffic at junctions, creating a pedestrian crossing or separating cars in a car park.

The XPT Refuge Island System is made from high quality granular rubber and brick red in colour - each outer section can be equipped with 3M highly visible white reflective markings, excellent for using in urban environments where they can be seen at all times, even at night.

The refuge islands are also suitable for using with bollards and signage that can indicate to motorists which way they should be going or to highlight particular areas to them. 

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