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Choose from our wide range of rubber aircraft wheel chocks made for various aircraft types, including commercial planes of various weights and sizes. Install aircraft chocks to prevent rolling planes and for safer plane maintenance. Call our sales team on 0121 630 3527 or email for the fast quotes on your next wheel chock project.

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Aircraft Wheel Chocks
GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 2GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 2
SKU: 751217
Pittman® GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 2
Sale price£40.00ex VAT
Perfect For Smaller Aircraft
GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 8GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 8
SKU: 751218
Pittman® GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 8
Sale price£84.00ex VAT
Prevent Large Aircraft From Shifting
GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 5GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 5
SKU: 862502
Pittman® GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 5
Sale price£78.00ex VAT
Popular Chock For Larger Aircraft
GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 4GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 4
SKU: 862501
Pittman® GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 4
Sale price£52.00ex VAT
Stop Aircraft from Accidentally Rolling
GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 7GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 7
SKU: 862504
Pittman® GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 7
Sale price£62.00ex VAT
Our Highest Aircraft Chock
GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 9GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 9
SKU: 862505
Pittman® GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock 9
Sale price£124.00ex VAT
In Stock For Fast Delivery
GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock Black/YellowGHP Aircraft Wheel Chock Black/Yellow
SKU: 729542
Pittman® GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock Black/Yellow
Sale price£86.00ex VAT
Highly Visible Aircraft Chock Prevents Rolling
GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock - 333mm Long
SKU: 729554
Pittman® GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock - 333mm Long
Sale price£119.50ex VAT
Highly Visible Chocks for Large Aircraft
GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock - 500mm Long
SKU: 729553
Pittman® GHP Aircraft Wheel Chock - 500mm Long
Sale price£129.50ex VAT

Aircraft wheel chocks are small wedges placed behind plane wheels to prevent accidental rolling. Aircraft chocks are commonly used on almost all aircraft types, from smaller private planes to large commercial airliners.Wheel chocksare commonly used to prevent aircraft from accidentally rolling and colliding with other aircraft, protecting the ground crew from harm and protecting nearby infrastructure.

Aircraft chocks are generally made from rubber. Rubber aircraft chocks are highly durable for long term use and can be moved easily when needed. They are often equipped with ropes so they can be removed from the underside of planes quickly and easily. Plane chocks can also be attached via chains for permanent installation at aprons or hangars.

For increased visibility, aircraft chocks can also be equipped with reflective markings. The markings can help ground staff or pilots identify that the wheels have been secured in dark or poor weather conditions.

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How to choose airplane wheel chocks

Choosing airplane wheel chocks can be made simple with a few steps

  • Consult airline guidelines - for large airliners it is best to consult the manufacturer guidelines for recommendations on chock type or size. Boeing and Airbus will have specific guidelines related to wheel chocks for each of their plane models.
  • Rubber, concrete or plastic - while there are many wheel chock designs and styles there are only a few materials that tend to work well as wheel chocks. Rubber is the go-to aircraft option for wheel chocks - they are lightweight, easy to transport yet highly durable and long-lasting during use.

  • Tyre size - larger airliners will require larger wheel chocks to accommodate the larger tyre size. Smaller wheel chocks may suffice for smaller private or non-commercial aircraft.
  • Vehicle weight - again most airline guidelines will cover vehicle weight against the wheel chock requirement. Most aircraft chocks will need to be able to keep fully loaded planes (including passengers, baggage etc.) in place.