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Choose Pittman for the widest range of shelters for public space projects, bike storage facilities, car parks and more. Get fast delivery on our stock bike shelters, delivered directly to site. Install bus shelters to boost public transport routes in towns and cities. Smoking shelters help to create designated smoking areas in business premises and public buildings. Call our experts on 0121 630 3527 or email for the fast quotes on your next project.

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Brooklyn Bike ShelterBrooklyn Bike Shelter
SKU: 899471
Pittman® Brooklyn Bike Shelter
Sale priceFrom £3,200.00ex VAT
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Dudley Bike ShelterDudley Bike Shelter
SKU: 724556
Pittman® Dudley Bike Shelter
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Voute Smoking ShelterVoute Smoking Shelter
SKU: 896824
Pittman® Voute Smoking Shelter
Sale price£4,046.00ex VAT
Ash Smoking Shelter
SKU: 900575
Pittman® Ash Smoking Shelter
Enclosed Shelter To Protect Against The Elements
Benito Kalahari Park Shelter
SKU: 713712
Benito Benito Kalahari Park Shelter
Benito Sahara Park ShelterBenito Sahara Park Shelter
SKU: 713711
Benito Benito Sahara Park Shelter
Benito Seguro Bike Bunkerbenito bike bunker
SKU: 713715
Benito Benito Seguro Bike Bunker
Benito Thar Park Shelter
SKU: 713713
Benito Benito Thar Park Shelter
Boston Bike ShelterBoston Bike Shelter
SKU: 712120
Pittman® Boston Bike Shelter
Sale price£4,164.00ex VAT
Calais Compact Secure Cycle ShelterCalais Compact Secure Cycle Shelter
SKU: 713724
Pittman® Calais Compact Secure Cycle Shelter
Sale price£7,999.00ex VAT
Mechanical Digilock - No Electricity Required
Conviviale Bike Shelter
SKU: 725880
Procity Conviviale Bike Shelter
Conviviale Bus ShelterConviviale Bus Shelter
SKU: 725893
Procity Conviviale Bus Shelter
Mannheim Steel Park ShelterMannheim Steel Park Shelter
SKU: 713714
Pittman® Mannheim Steel Park Shelter
Milan Bus ShelterMilan Bus Shelter
SKU: 725958
Procity Milan Bus Shelter
Moonshape Bike ShelterMoonshape Bike Shelter
SKU: 757177
Pittman® Moonshape Bike Shelter
Sale price£4,719.00ex VAT
Venice Bus ShelterVenice Bus Shelter
SKU: 725877
Procity Venice Bus Shelter
Voute High Security Bike CompoundVoute High Security Bike Compound
SKU: 726579
Procity Voute High Security Bike Compound
Voute Paystation ShelterVoute Paystation Shelter
SKU: 898036
Pittman® Voute Paystation Shelter
Voute XXL Multi Functional Bike ShelterVoute XXL Multi Functional Bike Shelter
SKU: 896866
Procity Voute XXL Multi Functional Bike Shelter
Versatile Shelter for Large Scale Storage
Calais Secure Cycle Compound
SKU: 713725
Pittman® Calais Secure Cycle Compound
Sale priceFrom £3,260.00ex VAT
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Milan Bike Shelter
SKU: 737660
Procity Milan Bike Shelter
Voute Bike ShelterVoute Bike Shelter
SKU: 737627
Procity Voute Bike Shelter