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  • Wide range of steel, plastic, chain, and belt barriers

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GHP Portable BarrierGHP Portable Barrier
SKU: 727320
Pittman® GHP Portable Barrier
Sale price£279.50ex VAT
High Maneuverability; Expands Fully to 3.85m
Compact Access Barrier Gate - Gas AssistCompact Access Barrier Gate - Gas Assist
SKU: 765293
Moravia Compact Access Barrier Gate - Gas Assist
Sale priceFrom £1,456.50ex VAT
For Easy Lifting And Lowering
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Black Bull Medium Duty Railing System - INDOORBlack Bull Medium Duty Railing System - INDOOR
SKU: 765108
Black Bull Black Bull Medium Duty Railing System - INDOOR
Sale priceFrom £86.95ex VAT
Protects Against Pallet Trucks and Carts
Choose options
Black Bull Heavy Duty Railing System - INDOORBlack Bull Heavy Duty Railing System - INDOOR
SKU: 765089
Black Bull Black Bull Heavy Duty Railing System - INDOOR
Sale priceFrom £99.50ex VAT
Protects Against Forklifts and Reach Trucks
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Terminal Expandable BarrierTerminal Expandable Barrier
SKU: 763656
Pittman® Terminal Expandable Barrier
Sale price£99.50ex VAT
For Indoor Use - Expands to 3.4m
Ultra Expandable BarrierUltra Portable Barrier
SKU: 763657
PITTMAN® UK Ultra Portable Barrier
Sale price£149.50ex VAT
Water Fillable - Expands to 2.2m
Aluminium Pedestrian Walkway System
SKU: 821280
Pittman® Aluminium Pedestrian Walkway System
Sale priceFrom £1,508.00ex VAT
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Barrier Tape In Dispensing CartonBarrier Tape In Dispensing Carton
SKU: 752775
Moravia Barrier Tape In Dispensing Carton
Sale priceFrom £21.50ex VAT
Dispensable Barrier Tape For Temporary Setups
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Barrier Tape StandBarrier Tape Stand
SKU: 752777
Moravia Barrier Tape Stand
Sale price£8.95ex VAT
Perfect For Immediate Deployment & Temporary Use
Black Bull Heavy Duty Railing System - Outdoor - At DoorwayBlack Bull Heavy Duty Railing System - Outdoor -  End Post
SKU: 765084
Black Bull Black Bull Heavy Duty Railing System - OUTDOOR
Sale priceFrom £151.00ex VAT
Protects Against Forklifts and Reach Trucks
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Black Bull Impact Guard Rails - INDOORBlack Bull Impact Guard Rails - INDOOR
SKU: 765210
Black Bull Black Bull Impact Guard Rails - INDOOR
Sale priceFrom £77.00ex VAT
Fully Modular - Suited to Custom Applications
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TRAFFIC-LINE HDPE Pedestrian Safety Barrier
SKU: 862821
Moravia TRAFFIC-LINE HDPE Pedestrian Safety Barrier
Sale priceFrom £180.50ex VAT
Full HDPE Design & Chapter 8 Compliant
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MultiMax™ Chain PostsMultiMax™ Chain Posts
SKU: 862198
Pittman® MultiMax™ Chain Posts
Sale price£229.00ex VAT
Compact Vehicle Height Restrictor - PivotCompact Vehicle Height Restrictor - Pivot
SKU: 765450
Moravia Compact Vehicle Height Restrictor - Pivot
Sale priceFrom £2,018.00ex VAT
Allows Occasional Access For Tall Vehicles
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Compact Vehicle Height Restrictor - FixedCompact Vehicle Height Restrictor - Fixed
SKU: 765440
Moravia Compact Vehicle Height Restrictor - Fixed
Sale priceFrom £1,502.00ex VAT
Stop High Vehicles From Entering Unauthorised Areas
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Extern Chain PostExtern Chain Post
SKU: 752730
Moravia Extern Chain Post
Sale priceFrom £86.50ex VAT
Alternative Chain Post For Temporary Use
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Galvanised Steel ChainGalvanised Steel Chain
SKU: 752368
Moravia Galvanised Steel Chain
Sale priceFrom £75.00ex VAT
Strong Outdoor Steel Chain
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Guarda Chain Post SetGuarda Chain Post Set
SKU: 752705
Moravia Guarda Chain Post Set
Sale priceFrom £85.50ex VAT
Lightweight Chain Barriers with 10m of Chain
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Height Restrictor Nudge BarHeight Restrictor Nudge Bar
SKU: 765436
Moravia Height Restrictor Nudge Bar
Sale priceFrom £114.50ex VAT
Optional Bar To Highlight Restricted Heights
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JSP Navigator® Safety Barrier - Pallet of 40JSP Navigator® Safety Barrier - Pallet of 40
SKU: 724550
JSP JSP Navigator® Safety Barrier - Pallet of 40
Sale price£1,440.00ex VAT
JSP Titan® Expanding BarrierJSP Titan® Expanding Barrier
SKU: 899477
JSP JSP Titan® Expanding Barrier
Sale price£169.00ex VAT
High Stability - Suitable in Wind or on Rough Ground. Expands to 3.3m
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M-Deko Nylon ChainM-Deko Nylon Chain
SKU: 752362
Moravia M-Deko Nylon Chain
Sale price£190.00ex VAT
High Quality Nylon Chain
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M-Ferro 6mm Galvanised Steel ChainM-Ferro 6mm Galvanised Steel Chain
SKU: 752370
Moravia M-Ferro 6mm Galvanised Steel Chain
Sale price£117.00ex VAT
Long-Lasting Chain For Outdoor Use
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Tough Chain MNKTough Chain MNK
SKU: 752350
Moravia Tough Chain MNK
Sale priceFrom £135.00ex VAT
Tough Weather Resistant Nylon Chain
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PIitman® is home to the UK's leading range of barriers including chapter 8 barriers, crowd control barriers, retractable belt barriers and car park barriers. With over 50 years experience serving industry you can be sure that Pittman® are the barrier experts with an unrivalled range of barrier control solutions.

Use barriers to increase site safety or to deter vehicle or pedestrian entry. They come in many formats and designs, depending on your on-site requirement. Barriers are used for many circumstances, including - 

  • Controlling pedestrian or vehicle access
  • Protecting assets from impact damage
  • Highlighting nearby hazards for employees
security barriers
safety barriers

What are barriers used for?

Barriers are widely used to control car or pedestrian traffic from entering a specific area. Barriers come in different forms and depending on which format you decide to go with you can block traffic on a permanent or temporary basis. For temporary deployment consider using expanding concertina style barriers. Expandable barriers provide a highly mobile option for temporary entry deterrents.

We specialise in a large range of portable barriers such as the Chapter 8 Barriers. These highly durable plastic barriers are suitable for using on construction works and allow for easy closing off of an area. The red/white markings ensure that they are chapter 8 compliant - their light design makes them ideal for transporting or storing when required.

Belt and rope barriers provide a stylish option for events and professinoal spaces. Deter entry while maintaining a modern style suited to public spaces and professional settings.

If you require high quality safety barriers for works and construction we have plenty of chapter 8 barriers to offer. The JSP Titan Expanding Barrier provides excellent demarcation for areas and helps to prevent unwanted access in an area, ideal for public groundworks and maintenance crews that may be working in the open.

Choose our Autobahn range of Car Park Traffic Barriers for a simple and highly effective solution to control traffic at gates and entrances. Widely used by schools, airports, factories and retail units our car park swing barriers and boom barriers are rust free, maintenance free and can be delivered to site fast.

Barriers FAQ

How to choose the right barrier for your project
Before purchasing a barrier, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to determine the best option: 

  • Do I need to control access?
  • Do I need to protect assets from damage?
  • Will this barrier be used on a permanent or temporary basis?
  • Do I need a fixed or portable barrier option?

It’s best to conduct a workplace safety risk assessment to determine what kind of barrier will work best on-site. 

  • Expandable barriers – come in a compact format for easy transporting when not in use. Expands to deter pedestrian entry. Suitable for temporary use in both indoor and outdoor environments. Available in plastic or steel design.

Installation – typically free-standing with no installation required.

  • Car Park Barriers – rising or swinging barriers that can deter vehicle entry onto private property. Suitable for business premises and warehouses. Allows operators to raise the boom when access is granted or locked in an upright position during business hours.

Installation – install directly into pre-existing concrete pads. Each barrier base should be bolted down or concreted into a 1-foot x 1-foot pad.

  • Post and Chain Barriers – usually include several posts and bases to attach the chain. Close off large spaces or create simple queue systems in minutes. Movable barrier option suitable for temporary setups. Chain posts have been very popular as a barrier of choice for Covid-19 layouts.

Installation – minimal install required. Put bases and posts together and attach chain as needed.

  • Retractable belt barriers – available in a post or wall-mounted format. Create queue systems for shopfronts or public premises or deter access. They are suited to professional environments. Available with custom messaging to provide specific messages to pedestrians.

Installation – attach bases and belt posts for instant use on site. Wall-mounted barriers are available with a screw-on or magnetic end for easy attachment where needed.

  • Crash Barriers – used to protect warehouse assets from impact damage. They use a heavy-duty steel design that reduces the risk of damage to infrastructure during impact. Available in solid or flexible formats. Flexible designs allow for better absorption of impact from forklifts or work machinery.

Installation – measure the unit on-site and pre-drill appropriate size holes. Drill out holes as necessary using the proper drill-bit size. Insert the barriers back into place and tighten fixings into position.

  • Height Restriction Barriers – deters larger vehicles from entering into an interior area. They provide a visual warning to HGV drivers, suitable for multi-storey car parks and public buildings. Reduce the risk of damage to trucks and infrastructure.

Installation – Bolt to concrete ceilings using chain. Should hang freely at the appropriate height for your premises.

  • Portable Barriers – easy to carry, lightweight and quick to deploy. Suitable for contractors and maintenance crews. Deter entry over small to large spaces. Available in plastic or steel designs.

Installation – minimal setup required. Usually made as free-standing for instant use on site. Easily removed or stored when not in use.
Installation – join multiple barriers together to cover large distances on streets and roads. They are free-standing, with no physical installation required.

Barriers are usually available in plastic or steel designs. Depending on your requirement may mean you choose one barrier over another.
Plastic barriers

  • Lightweight design 
  • Suitable for pedestrian traffic
  • Ideal for temporary use
  • Very transportable
  • It can generally be recycled if broken (check the individual product for specific recycling requirements)

Steel barriers

  • Sturdy design 
  • Suitable for pedestrian and vehicle traffic
  • Ideal for temporary and permanent use
  • Easily transported when needed
  • Galvanised for protection against rusting and corrosion

Chapter 8 barriers barriers explicitly made to comply with standards set out in the Traffic Signs Manual and the New Roads & Street Works Act, usually made from a recyclable plastic material with red/white reflective markings across the top

Boom barriers are a common name often given to rising car park barriers. The term “boom” refers to the main pivoting barrier arm. The term itself comes from the Dutch word boom, which means “tree”. We then get the word “beam”, a term often used for a long piece of wood.  

Cafe barriers are common among pubs and restaurants. They utilise barrier posts and glass or plastic sheeting to display brands and information. They make for a great branding tool and can show high quality messaging to customers and passers-by.