Cranked Wheel Guides Pair

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Splayed Ends to Guide Truck Drivers

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  • 2070(L) x 600(W) x 365(H)mm
  • High quality steel design - highly durable
  • Splayed ends to act as driver aid
  • Ideal for loading bays and freight depots
  • Easy installation - 12 fixing points per unit
  • Suggested fixings - 24no. M16 x 125mm throughbolts
  • Drivers can line up trailers correctly
Easy Installation
Professional Use
Anti Rust
Heavy Duty
Bolt Down

The cranked wheel guide pairs are perfect for use in all kinds of loading bay areas, where the customer wishes to reduce the risk of collisions between trucks as well as aid truck drivers to line their vehicle up with loading bays correctly. These wheel guides provide excellent impact protection methods to both the trucks themselves as well as the premises, reducing any risk of high-cost damage.

These wheel guides can be bolted into the ground in most concrete type areas and are instantly effective. The highly visible yellow powder-coated design ensures drivers can fully see where the wheel guides are in place. They are also galvanised to ensure they have excellent protection against rusting and corrosion.

These wheel guides can be bolted directly into the ground quickly and easily using the base plates and pre-drilled holes already in place on the product. The highly durable steel construction of these wheel guides ensures that they can withstand several impacts from truck or HGV wheels and will alert drivers if they are reversing at a bad angle and that they should readjust to ensure maximum safety

The wheel guides are also effective for reducing the risk of trucks colliding together, providing an excellent means of impact protection to ensure maximum safety in any loading bay type area. The cranked wheel guides provide even greater product durability compared to other similar products. Order now from Pittman Traffic and Safety to provide your premises with some of the best impact protection products available.


2070mm x 600mm x 365mm

Weight: 90kg

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