Traffic-Line EV Charger Protection Bollard

Mounting Option: Surface Mount
Bollard Finish: Plain Galvanised
Band Colour: None
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£207.00inc VAT
SKU: 750264
Suggested Accessories

Fixings required for surface mount bollards only

Rawl Bolts - 12 x 100mm with Rawlplug - Set of 3
SKU: 899817
Pittman Traffic UK Rawl Bolts - 12 x 100mm with Rawlplug - Set of 3
Sale price£6.00ex VAT
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Versatile Protection For EV Chargers

Delivery: Normally 2 - 3 Weeks

  • 108mm Ø bollard
  • 800mm above ground height
  • Tough steel design
  • Retro reflective markings
  • High visibility day and night
  • Surface mounted - bolt down
  • Sub-surface - cast in concrete
  • Other finishes available - contact the sales team
  • Suggested fixings - 3no. 12 x 100mm rawlbolts
Professional Use
Hot-Dip Galvanised
Anti Rust
High Visibility

Product Specifications: 

  • Above Ground Height: 800mm
  • Diameter: 108mm
  • Base Plate: 200mm (Ø) x 6mm
  • Material: Hot-dip galvanised steel

The Traffic-Line EV Charger Protection Bollard provides excellent protection go electric charging stations. The bollards can be installed to deflect or prevent damage to exposed vehicle charging units. The bollards provide an excellent finish to public parking bays and can be used for years at a time.

Choose from up to three bollard designs - galvanised, stainless steel or powder coated. You can also choose a surface or sub-surface mounted bollard with up to five standard reflective marking colours. Customise your bollard to suit your project needs.

The surface-mounted bollards can be easily installed directly into concrete. The sub-surface bollards can be submerged into concrete for a more permanent fixing.

Other custom steel powder coating colours are available on request. Call our sales team for more information on custom designs suited for your specific project.

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