Paystation Shelters

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Voute Paystation ShelterVoute Paystation Shelter
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Pittman® Voute Paystation Shelter

Paystation Shelters offer excellent protection to pay parking machinery and customers. Each shelter can be used to cover the station from rain. Allow customer to pay parking fees and access machines or belongings with better comfort.

Why use paystation shelters?

Use paystation shelters to protect outdoor ticketing machines. They can also protect customers while accessing paystation machines. The shelters can also be used with charging points for electric vehicles.

By using these shelters you can prolong the life of ticketing machines. Use them to reduce the need for costly repairs. Because the overhead shelter stops rain from getting to the machine it will also protect customers while using the machines.

The Voute Paystation Shelter offers excellent protection to customers. The robust design protects them from the elements while being used outdoors. The tougened 8mm security glass is heavily resistant to vandalism and provides great protection to customers.

Where to use paystation shelters?

Use paystation shelters at outdoor paystation machines or charging points. The overhead canopy of most stations offer excellent protection from rain. Combine with pre-placed pay parking systems for an easy to use car parking system.

The Milan Paystation Shelter can protect up to 2 people at a time. The wider design allows 2 people to receive shelter while paying parking fees. The canopy is UV protected and will not fade or lose colour over time.


How to install paystation shelters?

Paystation shelters are flat-packed for easy self install on site. They can be assembled and installed within 2-3 hours. Ideally the feet of the ticket shelters need to be installed into pre-existing concrete pads for best results.