Rope Barriers

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See our full range of rope barriers and stanchions made to boost professional settings and elevate your premises. Create instant barriers or queue systems for cinemas, theatres, and hotels or protect museum exhibits and displays. Provide attractive, stylish finishes to indoor and outdoor projects.

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Rope Barriers
RopeMaster Rope PostRopeMaster Rope Post
SKU: 782083
Queue Solutions RopeMaster Rope Post
Sale priceFrom £89.50ex VAT
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RopeMaster Event PackRopeMaster Event Pack
SKU: 782518
Queue Solutions RopeMaster Event Pack
Sale priceFrom £178.50ex VAT
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RopeMaster Braided RopeRopeMaster Braided Rope
SKU: 782076
Queue Solutions RopeMaster Braided Rope
Sale priceFrom £29.00ex VAT
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RopeMaster Economy Velour RopeRopeMaster Economy Velour Rope
SKU: 782064
Queue Solutions RopeMaster Economy Velour Rope
Sale price£36.50ex VAT
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RopeMaster Velour RopeRopeMaster Velour Rope
SKU: 782071
Queue Solutions RopeMaster Velour Rope
Sale priceFrom £38.00ex VAT
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Rope Post

What are rope barriers used for?

Rope barriers are used to cordon off entry into unauthorised areas or help to form queues and lines where needed. The barriers have a professional look and can help to elevate your brand or premises. The RopeMaster barriers are perfect for museums, theatres, public buildings, and more. Simply hook the ropes between the posts for a instant crowd control.

The RopeMaster Rope Post and Braided Rope have been a proven favourite with hotels and wedding venues across the UK. Pair with a red carpet to create a VIP experience.

The RopeMaster Rope Post has a wide range of configurations suited to each type of event and premises.

Why Choose Rope Barriers?

Rope barriers discourage pedestrians from entering unauthorised areas indoors. Like retractable belt barriers they are typically used to organise queues, form temporay walkways, or stop people from getting too close to exhibits. The barriers are very noticible to pedestrians, without being unsightly. The RopeMaster Event Pack offers a professional look while boosting safety.

The post and rope stanchions are made to the highest standard, and when maintained properly can have a long life. The braided and velour ropes are hard-wearing and are suitable for high traffic areas where they may be frequently touched. The premium quality of the RopeMaster range is slightly more expensive than other brands, but has been tested against other brands for longevity.

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