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See our full range of lighting bollards designed to illuminate public streets, car parks and green spaces. Provide better lighting for areas and boost accessibility and safety at night. The Benito lighting bollards use LED lighting for long-lasting delineation with stylish modern finishes for streets and car parks. Custom lighting temperatures are available on request. Need a quote? Call our sales team on 0121 630 3527 or email for the fastest quotes and latest specifications.

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Benito Arrow Lighting Bollard
SKU: 713779
Benito Benito Arrow Lighting Bollard
Professional Lighting for Public Spaces
Benito Dalia Lighting BollardBenito Dalia Lighting Bollard
SKU: 713776
Benito Benito Dalia Lighting Bollard
Illumination for Public Paths and Greenspaces
Benito Lis Lighting BollardBenito Lis Lighting Bollard
SKU: 713778
Benito Benito Lis Lighting Bollard
Illuminate Streetscapes and Greenspaces
Benito Ona Lighting BollardBenito Ona Lighting Bollard
SKU: 713777
Benito Benito Ona Lighting Bollard
Professional Illumination for Outdoor Spaces
Benito Tomsk Lighting Bollard
SKU: 713780
Benito Benito Tomsk Lighting Bollard
Light Up Pathways in Urban Towns and Cities

Lighting bollards illuminate public paths, car parks or green spaces to make them safer and more accessible at night. They are commonly used along pedestrian paths to make them more visible for pedestrians and to light up the general area. They can be used to guide pedestrians to specific places or to deter vehicle entry in public streets.

Lighting bollards can be either solar-powered or wired to nearby power sources. Professional light bollards must be wired to local power outlets to work. While solar-powered bollards are easier to install, hardwired bollards provide a longer service life and will require less maintenance over time.

LED bollards are much more efficient than standard lighting posts. LED bulbs will use almost 10% of the amount of incandescent bulbs but will provide the same amount of lumens, even in open spaces. LED posts can also be adjusted to display different colour temperatures.

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Benefits of lighting bollards

• Increased visibility and safety in public spaces - using light bollards will help boost the area's visibility. This makes it easier for pedestrians to get around, find amenities and generally boost safety.

• Improve guidance for pedestrians - illuminating the area will help guide pedestrians to the right area. This is ideal for car parks, business premises, hotels and more where they can highlight amenities or guide pedestrians where to go.

• Effective delineation for vehicles - light bollards will be well-seen by drivers, making them suitable for use on streets in towns or cities.

• Lower light pollution - smaller ground-mounted light bollards are less intrusive than large lamposts or headlights. The bollards tend to be more welcoming and inviting while using less power than other options.


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Advantages of LED lighting bollards

• Little to no maintenance required - once installed, LED light bollards will require almost zero maintenance during their use. Once times are set, the bollards will work independently, requiring no intervention. Minimal maintenance may be needed to replace bulbs or clean the post over time.

• Customisable - LED lighting bollard's brightness levels can be easily adjusted. Different bulb options are available for different colour temperatures to suit the area.

• Environmentally-friendly - LEDs produce no UV or infrared radiation. Furthermore, they are considered one of the safest light sources because they don't use toxic materials like other options and are much less likely to catch fire.


The Benito Dalia Lighting Bollard provides an excellent option for public spaces, with a stylish modern design that suits business premises, professional settings and more. The LED light on the Dalia bollard is integrated into the top of the bollard - no assembly or adjusting is required. The bollard can be easily maintained through the door on the front of the post. They are hot-dip galvanised to protect against rust, ideal for British streetscapes.

The Benito Arrow Lighting Bollard provides a more traditional look, suitable for installation into almost any outdoor space. The black post will blend in with any business surrounding, while the 12W light provides excellent illumination for outdoor spaces. The bollard can be customised to use different colour temperatures to complement your area.