XPT-50 Speed Bump Kit 50mm

Size: 2.4 Metre Wide
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Perfect For HGV Traffic

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  • 100% pure vulcanised rubber means ultimate durability
  • Suitable for areas with immediate danger to pedestrians
  • Precisely moulded for better tyre grip
  • Integral connectors to boost stability
  • Colour fast design to reduce fading over time
  • 2 cats eyes per mid-section for high visibility
  • 16mm drillbit required for install - not included
Professional Use
Rated at 10mp/h
Bolts included
Heavy Duty
High Visibility

Product Specifications:

  • Drive Over Depth: 400mm
  • Length (Individual sections): 500mm (Mid-section), 200mm (End-cap)
  • Height: 50mm
  • Material: Synthetic Recycled Rubber

The XPT-50 Speed Ramp Kit 50mm offers an immediate traffic-calming solution for various settings, including private roads, freight depots, and warehouses. This speed bump kit includes all the components required for easy installation, such as mid-sections, end-caps, and fixings.

These highly durable speed bumps are made from the toughest of rubber and are suitable for use with both cars and HGVs. Each bump helps to slow traffic down to approximately 10mp/h, helping to create safer roads for both motorists and pedestrians in the immediate vicinity.

For high visibility each mid-section has been fitted with a cat's eye reflector, perfect for darker environments such as multi-storey car parks or warehouses. These cat's eyes will allow drivers to see the ramps in place, thus helping them to see when and where they should slow down.

Installing the XPT-50 Speed Bump

Installation of the speed ramp is made very simple - each section and end cap comes with pre-drilled holes to allow for fixings to be inserted with great ease and installed in no time at all. The sections are fitted with male and female ends which also help to keep the speed ramp in place when in use over time.

Where installed it is advisable to notify nearby motorists that they are in place by means of speed ramp signage.

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