XPT-Modular System Speed Table

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Slows Urban Traffic to 30km/h - 100% Recycled Rubber

Delivery: Normally 6 - 8 Weeks

  • Made from 100% recycled rubber
  • Highly durable and effective over time
  • Ideal for using in 30km/h speed zones
  • Highly visibile markings
  • Includes all fixings
  • May require adhesive bonding for very heavy traffic conditions

The Modular Speed Table System is perfect as a traffic calming measure in many kinds of areas, including public and private roads as well as industrial areas. The highly durable recycled rubber sections are perfect for using with cars and heavy vehicles and provides excellent service over long periods of time. The speed table sections themselves are fitted with highly visible white marking which allow oncoming drivers to see that they are in place, even in dark conditions.

The speed table can be installed directly into the ground and can be done so quickly and easily where needed. Each kit comes with an integrated attachment system to ensure maximum stability while the speed table is in use, ensuring that the individual pieces do not come apart.

The Modular Speed Table is designed to slow down traffic to approximately 30km/h, while allowing traffic to flow when needed. By only slowing down traffic to a certain point speed tables allow cars to be more energy efficient and better on the environment.

The Modular Speed Table can not only be installed quickly and easily with the included fixings it also boasts a lower level of sound and vibration while in use. This gives the drivers moving over the speed table an easier and safer journey at all times.

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XPT Speed Table FAQ

The XPT speed table will slow vehicles to approximately 20mph. The long design of the table compared to a standard speed bump allows for better traffic flow, ideal for urban environments.

Yes, the XPT speed tables can be used with all vehicles including cars, HGVs, emergency vehicles and public transport. The less severe design is highly suited to larger vehicles and won't hinder them as much as a speed bump would.

For heavy traffic conditions consider using adhesive bonding to ensure a stable speed table construction.

An XPT speed table installation will depend on the size and design of the particular project. However, the modular design allows the tables to be installed very quickly compared to concrete alternatives. This offers minimal downtime on road projects for councils and road crews.