Pittman™ 50mm Speed Bump Kit

Size: 2.35M wide
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Suitable For Cars And Light Vehicles

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  • Suited to light car traffic
  • Slows cars to approximately 10mph
  • Perfect for residential areas
  • Kits contain mid-sections, end-caps and fixings
  • Cats eyes reflectors for increased visibility
  • Moulded yellow pigment - better quality
  • 16mm drillbit required for install - not included
  • For heavy HGV use try our JSP Ridgeback Speed Bump Kit 50mm
Rated at 10mp/h
Bolts included
Professional Use
Bolt Down
High Visibility

Product Specifications:

  • Width (the distance you drive over): 350mm
  • Height: 50mm
  • Material: Synthetic Recycled Rubber

The Pittman™ 50mm Speed Bump Kit gives you everything you need to slow cars to 10mph. It's perfect for hotels, schools or anywhere where there is light vehicle traffic. It's an excellent traffic safety device which is simple to install, giving you immediate benefits.

With the complete speed ramp kit, you get all the essentials to install your ramp; you only need an electric drill. The 50mm height ensures you can reduce traffic speed without unnecessarily disturbing drivers.

Using the Pittman speed bump kit to slow car traffic

The Speed Ramp Kit is made from synthetic recycled rubber, perfect for areas with high volumes of cars.

They come in alternative yellow and black sections giving you extra visibility. They won’t fade like asphalt speed bumps and can be driven over immediately once installed.

You can also relocate the sections if needs be or take them up during times of heavy snowfall or rain when motorists may not be able to see the speed ramp. It's also important to remember to install “Ramps Ahead” safety signs in areas with speed ramps giving drivers a pre-warning about the bumps, which are also available from Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment.

Consider installing the JSP Ridgeback Speed Bump Kit 50mm for areas with HGV traffic.

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