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Choose from our wide range of column protectors made for the harshest workplaces. Boost protection to exposed columns, beams or racking uprights and reduce the risk of costly repairs and injuries.

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Column Protection
Pittman® Warehouse Range 2023

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Traffic-Line Column ProtectorsTraffic-Line Column Protectors
SKU: 765254
Moravia Traffic-Line Column Protectors
Sale priceFrom £412.00ex VAT
Two-Piece Design for Easy Installation at Columns
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Lamp Post ProtectorLamp Post Protector
SKU: 899216
Pittman® Lamp Post Protector
Sale priceFrom £109.50ex VAT
Single-Piece Protection for Racking, Columns or Posts
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Black Bull Plastic Pallet Racking ProtectorBlack Bull Plastic Pallet Racking Protector
SKU: 782657
Black Bull Black Bull Plastic Pallet Racking Protector
Sale priceFrom £37.95ex VAT
Fits Racking Uprights 60-85mm - TUV Approved
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Column Protector - SlimlineColumn Protector - Slimline
SKU: 719046
Pittman® Column Protector - Slimline
Sale priceFrom £233.55ex VAT
Protects Columns 100 - 160mm Wide
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Column Protector - XLColumn Protector - XL
SKU: 719045
Pittman® Column Protector - XL
Sale priceFrom £111.00ex VAT
Protects Columns 150 - 300mm Wide - Infills Available
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Addgard Universal Column ProtectorUniversal Column Protector
SKU: 895863
Pittman® Universal Column Protector
Sale price£298.00ex VAT
Universal Fitting - Air Cushion Design to Absorb Impacts
Black Bull Corner Protection GuardBlack Bull Corner Protection Guard
SKU: 765119
Black Bull Black Bull Corner Protection Guard
Sale priceFrom £260.00ex VAT
90 Degree Design - Protects Assets and Machinery
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Black Bull Corner Protection Guards XLBlack Bull Corner Protection Guards XL
SKU: 765148
Black Bull Black Bull Corner Protection Guards XL
Sale priceFrom £726.00ex VAT
Heavy Duty Corner Protection
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Round Column Impact Protection FoamRound Column Impact Protection Foam
SKU: 763526
Moravia Round Column Impact Protection Foam
Sale price£89.95ex VAT
Versatile PU Protection for Round Columns
Square Column Impact Protection FoamSquare Column Impact Protection Foam
SKU: 763525
Moravia Square Column Impact Protection Foam
Sale price£89.95ex VAT
Versatile PU Protection for Square Columns
Black Bull Pallet Racking Protectors - Guide RollersBlack Bull Pallet Racking Protectors - Guide Rollers
SKU: 763422
Black Bull Black Bull Pallet Racking Protectors - Guide Rollers
Sale priceFrom £132.00ex VAT
Deflects Impacts - Ideal for Ground Level Pallet Storage
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Corner Impact Protection GuardCorner Impact Protection Guard
SKU: 762163
Pittman® Corner Impact Protection Guard
Sale price£32.50ex VAT
Hi-Vis Cushioned Wall Protection
GHP Corner Protection GuardGHP Corner Protector
SKU: 719048
Pittman® GHP Corner Protector
Sale price£29.99ex VAT
10mm Thick Protection Against Impacts
Right Angle Edge Protection FoamRight Angle Edge Protection Foam
SKU: 763512
Moravia Right Angle Edge Protection Foam
Sale priceFrom £30.50ex VAT
Protect Employees From Head Injuries
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Semi-Circular - External CornerSemi-Circular - External Corner
SKU: 763544
Moravia Semi-Circular - External Corner
Sale price£14.50ex VAT
High Density PU Protection for External Corners
Semi Circular - External Tri-CornerSemi Circular - External Tri-Corner
SKU: 763543
Moravia Semi Circular - External Tri-Corner
Sale price£14.50ex VAT
High Density PU Foam Corner Protectors
Traffic-Line Corner Protection GuardTraffic-Line Corner Protection Guard
SKU: 765523
Moravia Traffic-Line Corner Protection Guard
Sale priceFrom £35.00ex VAT
Tough NBR Rubber with High Reflectivity
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Wall-Mounted Drain Pipe ProtectorWall-Mounted Drain Pipe Protector
SKU: 765257
Moravia Wall-Mounted Drain Pipe Protector
Sale priceFrom £97.00ex VAT
Protect Exposed Pipes from Impacts
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At Pittman we have a fantastic column protection range that is sure to assist you in creating the safest, most secure warehouse available. Having the best in column protection is just a small part of creating a safe warehouse environment - utilise our excellent product range by installing column protection when and where you need it most. 

Why do I need column protection in my warehouse?

In a busy warehouse exposed columns or pillars may be susceptible to impacts from nearby work vehicles and machinery. By installing a column protector you can instantly reduce the damage to these important columns and help to keep infrastructure from taking impact. If these pillars and columns take too much damage it is possible that there may be structural damage over time. Installing correct equipment is a sure way to maintain excellent safety standards at all times.

column protectors
warehouse column guards

Our plastic column protectors can wrap all the way around a column or pillar and will provide excellent damage protection from impact pallet trucks or forlifts in a warehouse.

If you need something more heavy duty we can also provide high quality steel column protectors, perfect for the busiest of warehouses, loading bays or freight depots. Each steel column protector is made from high quality galvanised steel and will provide years of professional use on site.

Column guards can also be used as pallet rack protection to protect pallet racking from forklift impats.

Combine column protection with hoop barriers or industrial railing to cover open spaces and further enhance safety measures in your warehouses.

Column Protection FAQ

Existing concrete columns can be reinforced with plastic or steel guards to reduce the risk of impact damage. The column guards will help with absorbing or deflecting impacts from work vehicles which lessens damage to the column. This can result in better protection to infrastructure and reduced need for costly warehouse repairs.

Column guards are generally made from one of three materials:

  • Plastic - plastic column protectors are usually fastened directly to the exposed column and can withstand light impacts from work vehicles.
  • Rubber - rubber protectors provide a great flexibility for installation and offer a great resistance to impact.
  • Steel - the strongest column protectiong option. Steel column guards are highly suited to exposed columns where there is frequent work vehicle traffic.

The advantages of column protectors are

  • Cost-effective protection for exposed columns
  • Reduces the need for constant repairs
  • Reduced risk of warehouse accidents
  • Better protection for staff, stock and assets
  • Quick and easy installation compared to larger scale infrastructure changes