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All-Steel Tree Guards for Tree Protection in British Streetscapes - Call Our Experts

See our full range of tree guards to protect exposed trees on streets. Full steel designs mean a long-lasting design with reduced need for maintenance or replacement. Protect trees from impacts while still allowing general tree maintenance to take place. Call our tree guard experts on 0121 630 3527 or email for the best quotes and bulk discounts.

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Lamp Post ProtectorLamp Post Protector
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Pittman® Lamp Post Protector
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Single-Piece Protection for Racking, Columns or Posts
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Benito Taulat Tree GrilleBenito Taulat Tree Grille
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Benito Benito Taulat Tree Grille
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Galvanised Steel Tree Guard - 250mm wide
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Procity Galvanised Steel Tree Guard - 250mm wide
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Protect Trees From Impact Damage
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Tree guards are metal barriers that surround tree trunks or bases to protect them from impact damage. The guards will leave openings around the tree that will allow for general tree maintenance to still take place. Tree grilles are placed at the bottom to protect trunks and manage trees in urban areas.

Tree guards come in various styles and formats. They are commonly made from steel for the increased protection of trees. The steel guards can be set into grass areas with great ease.

Having tree guards in place will help to maintain the green area aesthetics and look after local plant life. Protect trees from bikes, machinery and more. Tree guarding is a key piece of street furniture to both urban and park spaces.

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Tree guards are installed by placing them around the tree in question. The guards usually come in 2-piece designs for easy insertion around the tree. Simply attach around the tree and submerge into the grass or soil as needed.

The Galvanised steel tree guard comes in a galvanised design. This helps to reduce the risk of rusting when used outdoors. Each unit will come with fixings to easily attach the 2 pieces together with great ease. Custom RAL colours are available on request. Call our sales team for more information.

Tree grilles however come in the form of a plate that sits into the ground around the base. These designs will usually come with an optional sub-frame for an easier installation. The frame will also help to prevent sinking into the grass or soil over time.

The Galvanised Steel Tree Grill is made with highly durable 10mm steel sheet. These steel grilles are much tougher and longer-lasting than cast iron grilles. The galvanised steel again reduces the risk of rusting and corrosion.

Benefits of using tree guards
  • Reduce damage to trees - the guards will deter bikes or machinery from damaging the tree. Trees in urban spaces are often exposed to many pedestrians and machinery like street cleaners etc.
  • Encourage tree growth - by protecting the trees they will be encouraged to grow to full potential and benefit the local environment for longer periods
  • Maintenance-free - tree guards can be installed with little to no maintenance required over time. The guards will still also allow access to the trees if they have to be maintained by gardeners or council workers.

Tree guards are highly suited to parks and green spaces where they can offer all year protection. Complete green spaces by installing park benches and litter bins for pedestrian comfort and rubbish collection.

The Silaos Tree Bench offers an excellent cross between a tree guard and a park bench. This seating will surround a tree while offering an attractive, scenic place to sit and relax.

When you need to increase greenery and colour in an area consider using planters. These containers will allow for public display of plants and flowers, ideal for urban streets where they can brighten the street to make it more appealing.

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