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Get the best quotes on steel trench bridges with expert advice available. Provide safer access over temporary groundworks and siteworks. Full-steel trench bridges provide a long-lasting design with easy transporting and storage when not in use. Call our sales team on 0121 630 3527 or email

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Aluminium Pedestrian Walkway System
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Pittman® Aluminium Pedestrian Walkway System
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Traffic Line Trench CoverTraffic Line Trench Cover
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Moravia Traffic Line Trench Cover
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trench bridge
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Pittman® Aluminium High Security Trench Bridge
aluminium trench bridge
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Pittman® Shore+ Trench Bridge
Trench Bridge - Wooden
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Pittman® Trench Bridge - Wooden

Trench Bridges are much needed around open groundworks and construction projects. These bridges allow for safe passage for everyday pedestrians as well as construction workers on site. For more information on our trench bridge range call our experts today.

What are trench bridges?

Trench bridges are steel bridges that can be deployed to open groundworks. These temporary bridges can be used to allow safe passage to pedestrians where ditches or trenches may have been dug by construction workers. Trench bridges provide better on-site safety and allow for bikes, prams, wheelchairs and more to go over them.

trench crossing bridge

Why use trench bridges?

Trench bridges provide numerous benefits including

  • Better safety for pedestrians around groundworks
  • Reduced need for diversions to be put in place
  • Access for wheelbarrows, wheelchairs, bikes or prams
  • Reduced risk of slips, trips and falls
  • Use as a temporary bridging measure


The Trench Bridge - Wooden provides safe and secure passage over ditches or trenches. Customise your unit to span over the gap you have. Include access ramps on either end to reduce the risk of trips on approach to the bridge.

The wooden walkway on the trench bridge is fully protected against weathering - ideal for outdoor use. For a tougher option try the Shore+ Trench Bridge instead. This trench crossing includes a checkerplate aluminium walkway - provide better grip for pedestrians. The fold down design of the bridges allows for easy transport to and from site when needed.


trench bridge