Loading Bay Buffers

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Prevent damage to walls, pillars or columns in loading docks and warehouses. Buffers reduce the damage to infrastructure and assets while also protecting impacting vehicles. Reduce the risk of serious damage and expensive repair costs to loading docks. Call us on 0121 630 3527 or email sales@pittman.uk.

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Loading Bay Buffers
Wall Guard with Double D StripWall Guard with Double D Strip
SKU: 763616
Pittman® Wall Guard with Double D Strip
Sale price£45.00ex VAT
Rubber Wall Guard with ChevronRubber Wall Guard with Chevron
SKU: 763617
Pittman® Rubber Wall Guard with Chevron
Sale price£24.95ex VAT
HGV Heavy Duty Wheel StopHGV Heavy Duty Wheel Stop
SKU: 895761
Pittman® HGV Heavy Duty Wheel Stop
Sale price£87.90ex VAT
The UK's Best Prices with Fast Delivery
Traffic-Line Loading Bay BufferTraffic-Line Loading Bay Buffer
SKU: 763650
Moravia Traffic-Line Loading Bay Buffer
Sale priceFrom £142.00ex VAT
Excellent Shock Absorbing Properties
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HGV Dock Bumper 1200mmHGV Dock Wheel Stop
SKU: 899465
Pittman® HGV Dock Wheel Stop
Sale price£183.95ex VAT
Help Bring Large Vehicles To A Halt
FlexBrite™ Flexible Bollard 1000mm (Yellow/Black)FlexBrite™ Flexible Bollard 1000mm (Yellow/Black)
SKU: 762103
FlexBrite FlexBrite™ Flexible Bollard 1000mm (Yellow/Black)
Sale priceFrom £49.50ex VAT
100% Pure Polyurethane - Extreme Durability | 2 Year Warranty
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GHP Corner Protection GuardGHP Corner Protector
SKU: 719048
Pittman® GHP Corner Protector
Sale price£29.99ex VAT
10mm Thick Protection Against Impacts
Economy Dock BumperEconomy Dock Bumper
SKU: 862404
PITTMAN® UK Economy Dock Bumper
Sale price£32.50ex VAT
Ideal For Protecting Steelwork At Loading Docks
Standard Dock BumperStandard Dock Bumper
SKU: 862406
PITTMAN® UK Standard Dock Bumper
Sale price£40.99ex VAT
Most Popular Bumper For Loading Bays
Extended Dock BumperExtended Dock Bumper
SKU: 862407
PITTMAN® UK Extended Dock Bumper
Sale price£62.50ex VAT
Deeper Designed To Better Protect Docks
Tall Dock BumperTall Dock Bumper
SKU: 862409
PITTMAN® UK Tall Dock Bumper
Sale price£65.95ex VAT
Longer Length For Repeated Impacts
Extra Tall Dock BumperExtra Tall Dock Bumper
SKU: 862410
PITTMAN® UK Extra Tall Dock Bumper
Sale price£75.50ex VAT
Prevents HGVs From Under-Riding

Loading bay buffers are used to protect loading docks from damage. They are usually placed between the dock or onto the docks themselves to reduce damage from incoming vehicles. Buffers will attempt to deflect or absorb the vehicle impact, helping to reduce expensive damage to infrastructure and assets.

Loading bay buffers come in many forms, including plastic, steel or rubber. Rubber buffers tend to be the go to option as they can be easily installed directly onto loading docks to absorb impacts. While buffers can absorb damage they should not be the only protection used. Truck wheel stops and loading bay wheel guides can help direct trucks into place and bring them to a stop safely.

Loading bay buffers can also be installed onto surfaces such as walls, columns, pillars, infrastructure and more. Buffers come in many shapes and sizes and can be put into place easily to provide instant protection to the affected area.

 loading bay buffer

Why install loading bay buffers

Installing loading bay buffers will help to -

  • Reduce expensive repair costs - by absorbing vehicle impacts, the buffers will protect infrastructure from harm, reducing the need for constant expensive repairs.
  • Reduce damage to vehicles - while buffers won't fully protect vehicles during impact, they can lessen the effect of the damage
  • Cost-effective - most loading bay protectors come in a modular format for easy installation. This also allows for easy replacement if damaged.


truck loading bay buffers

Types of loading dock buffers

Loading dock buffers come in various designs and materials, all suitable for different levels of loading bay protection.

Rubber dock buffers - rubber tends to be the most popular material used in dock buffers. Rubber or polymer buffers have an excellent degree of flexibility and will mount easily to uneven surfaces. Rubber also allows for excellent impact and sound absorption, deflecting impacts as much as possible with little noise.

Plastic dock buffers - plastic buffers are very lightweight but easy to install. Plastic buffers are better suited for light-duty requirements, where they can protect against light work vehicles.


Steel dock buffers - steel buffers are a highly durable loading dock option. Most steel dock buffers are equipped with a rubber front to boost impact absorption further . Steel designs are ideal for use on the ground area of a loading bay, perhaps in the form of truck wheel stops where they can assist with bringing HGVs to a halt. Steel is also very resistant to chips or cracks over time.