Picnic Table Set

Picnic Table Sets for British Towns, Cities and Parks - Call Our Experts

See the full Pittman range of picnic tables made for outdoor spaces. Choose from the wide range of wood and recycled plastic tables suitable for harsh British weather. Instantly boost seating areas and public settings to cater for larger groups. Need a quote? Call our experts on 0121 630 3527 or email sales@pittman.uk for the fastest quotes and latest specifications.

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Picnic Table Set
Benito Kube Concrete TableBenito Kube Concrete Table
SKU: 713665
Benito Benito Kube Concrete Table
Benito Gavarres Picnic Table SetBenito Gavarres Picnic Table Set
SKU: 713685
Benito Benito Gavarres Picnic Table Set
Benito Kuk Picnic TableBenito Kuk Picnic Table
SKU: 713684
Benito Benito Kuk Picnic Table
Benito Pik Picnic TableBenito Pik Picnic Table
SKU: 713683
Benito Benito Pik Picnic Table
Benito Piknik Picnic Tablebenito piknik picnic table set
SKU: 713686
Benito Benito Piknik Picnic Table
Riga Picnic Table SetRiga Picnic Table Set
SKU: 726154
Procity Riga Picnic Table Set
Seville Picnic Table SetSeville Picnic Table Set
SKU: 896495
Procity Seville Picnic Table Set
Silaos Picnic Table Set
SKU: 737704
Procity Silaos Picnic Table Set
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Children's Picnic TableChildren's Picnic Table
SKU: 896380
Procity Children's Picnic Table
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Silaos Recycled Plastic Picnic Table SetSilaos Recycled Plastic Picnic Table Set
SKU: 748260
Procity Silaos Recycled Plastic Picnic Table Set
Silaos Wooden Picnic Table SetSilaos Wooden Picnic Table Set
SKU: 737706
Procity Silaos Wooden Picnic Table Set
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Our picnic tables are ideal for green spaces and urban areas. Once in place, the tables can boost seating for outdoor areas where they can allow multiple people to sit together at once.

Picnic tables provide a key part of urban street furniture and can encourage more use of public spaces. When used in green areas they can accommodate families and groups.

These table sets can provide permanent seating options for public spaces. Once installed they should need minimal maintenance with quick installation. Councils should install the picnic table sets where they are best suited and where they will be used most.

picnic table set
picnic tables
Boost street seating with picnic table sets

Picnic table sets can provide several benefits to urban streetscapes and parks.

  • Increase seating numbers in public spaces - using picnic table sets as opposed to standard park benches to reduce the number of pedestrians that can sit in one space.
  • Allow pedestrians to sit and eat - picnic table sets allow people to eat and drink comfortably in public areas. Combine the sets with shopping centres or green areas to allow pedestrians to sit in increased comfort.
  • Improve the aesthetics - installing picnic tables will improve the overall look and feel of the space. Having a better-looking space will encourage more use of the area and make it more welcoming to tourists and pedestrians.

The Seville Picnic Table Set is a high-quality product with a long-lasting design. Install in public spaces to instantly boost seating spaces. The wooden top and seats are made with a high quality 36mm exotic hardwood - choose from light oak or mahogany if required. Each set will arrive in a single piece for easy installation directly onto concrete. Optional wheelchair accessible designs are also available on request.

To further boost green spaces consider using outdoor notice boards and litter bins. Outdoor notice boards can display key information to pedestrians and display park information, maps, historical facts and much more. Litter bins can encourage better rubbish disposal and can help to keep spaces clean

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