XPT - Modular Rubber Pedestrian Crossing Speed Table

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  • 100% pure vulcanised rubber - ultimate durability
  • Modular design - easy installation
  • Elevated rubber threshold creates pedestrian walkway
  • Kits come with mid-sections and end-caps
  • Non slip surface conforms to European 45SRT standard
  • Available with black/white or red/white mid-sections

The XPT - Modular Rubber Pedestrian Crossing Speed Table provides a long lasting, high quality means of traffic calming for an area as well as providing a means for pedestrians to cross public streets and roads. Each pedestrian crossing comes as a modular kit for easy self install on site - each kit includes all mid-sections, end caps or side pieces and of course fixings.

Each piece of the pedestrian crossing is made from 100% pure vulcanised rubber, ensuring ultimate, long-lasting traffic calming while in use. The tough rubber sections can be installed easily piece by piece on site with no need for added adhesives or glues.

Each kit will consist of the raised ramps on either end of the kit with the raised pedestrian walkway in the middle to allow for safe traversing across public roads. The raised pedestrian sections are moulded with a non-slip surface and conform to the European 45SRT standard.

Pedestrian crossing kits can be created as close as possible to the size you require as well as giving you the option to have black and white or red and white centre stripes for your crossing.

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XPT Pedestrian Crossing FAQ

The XPT pedestrian crossing will slow vehicles to approximately 30km/h. Unlike speed bumps, the pedestrian crossing won't bring vehicles to a near halt. Instead, they aim to reduce traffic speed but allow traffic to flow at a reasonable speed. This is ideal for urban settings like towns or cities.

Vulcanised rubber goes through a chemical and 'cooking' process that hardens the rubber and makes it much more durable than standard recycled rubber.

Vulcanised rubber is essential for pedestrian crossings and traffic calming systems as it provides a longer-lasting design and requires less maintenance than concrete or tarmac options.

The XPT pedestrian crossing are modular and can be tailored to suit any road width. The main sections are availale in black and white or red and white, with end caps and side sections to complete the crossing.

To get a quote simply give us your road dimensions and we can quote on a pedestrian crossing specifically for your project.