Bike Repair Stations

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See our full range of public bike repair stands with fast delivery from stock. Ideal for public and business settings - provide easy self-service bike repair for cyclists.Encourage more bike use in public settings and provide more convenience for commuters and regular bike users. Need a quote? Call our experts on 0121 630 3527 or email

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Bike Repair Stations
Benito Biki Bike Repair StandBenito Biki Bike Repair Stand
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Pittman Traffic UK Benito Biki Bike Repair Stand
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Coin Operated Bike Repair Station for Public Spaces
Why use bike repair stations?

Bike repair stations offer an excellent means for bike owners to repair their bike with ease. Each bike station allows bikes to be inserted where the bike owner then has access to a selection of high quality bike tools. 

Our Benito Biki Bike Repair Stands are perfect for schools, colleges, private premises, public areas and more - they are perfect where high volumes of bikes are concerned.

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How many tools are on a bike repair station?

The bike repair stations come with a selection of tools as well as a bike pump. Each bike repair station includes:

  • 1no. foot pump
  • Allen key / hex head set
  • 1 no. adjustable wrench
  • 1no. pliers
  • 1no. foot pump
  • 1no. flathead screwdriver
  • 1no. Phillips head screwdriver
  • Tyre lever set
Benefits of Cycle Repair Stations
  1. Convenience for Cyclists: Bike repair stations offer cyclists a quick and easy way to fix minor issues. This is especially helpful for those who commute or use their bikes frequently. They can repair punctures or adjust brakes on the spot, without the need to visit a bike repair shop.
  2. Promotes Cycling: Having these stations in public spaces encourages more people to use bicycles. This can provide a much-needed boost to the environment, reducing traffic congestion.
  3. Saves Time and Money: Cyclists can save time and money with these stations. Instead of going to a bike shop for small repairs, they can do it themselves.
  4. Enhances Public Space Utility: These stations add value to public spaces. They show that an area is bike-friendly and caters to the needs of cyclists. This can make public spaces more attractive to both locals and visitors, whether in streetscapes, car parks or college campuses.
  5. Supports Sustainable Transportation: Bike repair stations support the use of bicycles, a sustainable mode of transport. This helps reduce traffic congestion and pollution, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment.
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Bike Repair Stations FAQ

We advise that all our bike repair stations are installed inside or in a covered or sheltered area to protect against rusting.

We also recommend that all bike repair stations are installed at least 5 miles from the coast to further avoid any rusting.

It is recommended that all tools and pumps are checked regularly. To maintain the repair stations we advise -

  • Lubricating all tools at least twice a month (once a week in Winter)
  • Lubricating the pump handle twice a month (repeat as often as needed in Winter)
  • Replace any worn seals on the pump

All tools and pumps should be inspected regularly for wear and damage. Improper or lack of maintenance cannot be considered a warranty issue.

Yes, the tools can be replaced with the Mantis Spare Tool Set. This includes the full set of wrenches, screwdrivers, and tyre levers. To replace simply disconnect the tool set via the stainless steel wire and connect the new tool set in the same manner.

Pumps can also be replaced separately - call our sales team for more information.

The Mantis public bike stations include several vandal resistant features.

  • All tools are attached to the station via a stainless steel cord
  • The closed pump casing reduces the risk of tampering and theft of pumps
  • Full bolt down design for secure, robust installation where needed

Call our sales team for more information on custom colours, branding and graphics options for your repair station order. The stations can be equipped with company logos and branding, custom information and more.