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Get fast quotes on our high-quality range of speed tables and traffic calming equipment. Choose modular speed tables for fast installation and reduced downtime on public roads. Avoid concrete and tarmac tables and save on repair and replacement costs.

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Speed Table
XPT Berlin speed cushion in blackXPT Berlin speed cushion on roadway
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XPT XPT - Berlin Speed Cushion
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Economic, Waterproof and Stable Traffic Calming
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XPT London Speed Cushion SystemXPT London Speed Cushion System
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XPT XPT London Speed Cushion System
100% Recycled Rubber with High Sound and Vibration Absorption
XPT-Modular System Speed TableXPT-Modular System Speed Table
SKU: 747400
XPT XPT-Modular System Speed Table
Slows Urban Traffic to 30km/h - 100% Recycled Rubber
XPT - Modular Rubber Pedestrian Crossing Speed TableXPT - Modular Rubber Pedestrian Crossing Speed Table
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XPT XPT - Modular Rubber Pedestrian Crossing Speed Table
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What is a Speed Table?

A speed table is a type of speed bump that slows traffic down but allows it to flow normally.

Speed bump or speed table?

Speed tables are flat on top and raise the entire wheel base at once. Speed bumps are an immediate bump and slow cars even further.

speed tables
speed table

What is a speed table used for?

Speed tables are used to reduce the speed in an area but to also allow traffic to flow as normal. Because speed tables are longer or wider than a speed ramp it allows all wheels of a vehicle to be raised from the ground and only slows traffic slightly as opposed to a sudden or immediate bump in the road.

speed cushion can also provide similar traffic calming to urban areas. Speed cushions are usually installed in a staggered manner - this will slow regular vehicles but will allow emergency vehicles or coaches to fit around the cushions with ease.

Our XPT Modular Speed Table System comes in a bolt down format and is suitable for using in many kinds of areas including towns or cities, perfect for where traffic needs to be kept flowing at all times. These modular rubber speed tables can be installed easily and can come in the format you need for your area.

Due to the design these tables are suitable for using in areas with 20mph zones. Each traffic table comes with all fixings and mid-sections and end caps that you require to suit the area in question. All end pieces include white markings to show where the speed table begins or ends.

If there is an immediate danger to pedestrians, such as entrance to a premises, speed ramps or speed humps may be better suited to the area. The immediate bump will give a clearer warning to drivers and will slow vehicles even further.

rubber speed table
traffic table

Can speed tables be used as pedestrian crossings?

Our XPT Modular Rubber Pedestrian Crossing speed table doubles as both a pedestrian crossing and a traffic calming device. Again these speed tables are made from highly durable vulcanised rubber and can be installed quickly and easily on-site. Where the middle sections on a speed table are much shorter the sections on a pedestrian crossing speed table will be much longer and come in a black/white format to show where pedestrians and cross the road. Because the speed tables raise to meet kerbs it creates an excellent platform for pedestrians to crossroads.

Speed Tables FAQ

Use speed tables instead of speed bumps in areas where traffic needs to remain flowing, such as cities or towns. They can also double as a physical pedestrian crossing. Combine with traffic lights to provide a highly effective traffic calming system.

Speed tables can reduce traffic to approximately 30km/h. This allows traffic to remain flowing in urban settings like towns or cities and will not interrupt emergency vehicles and public transport.

Our modular speed table installation will depend on the size and design of the particular project. However, most speed tables can be installed in a matter of hours, helping to reduce downtime on roads and allowing road crews to get projects finished fast.