Vertical Bike Rack

Wide Range of Vertical Bike Racks to Save Valuable Bike Storage Space

See the full Pittman® range of vertical bike racks designed to save bike storage space. Full steel designs provide long-lasting bike storage for indoor or outdoor bicycle parking facilities, with fast on-site installation. Call our experts for fast quotes and installation for your next project. Call us on 0121 630 3527 or email

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Vertical Bike Rack
Semi Vertical Bike RackSemi Vertical Bike Rack
SKU: 899215
Pittman® Semi Vertical Bike Rack
Sale price£769.00ex VAT
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Universal Folding Wall Bike RackUniversal Folding Wall Bike Rack
SKU: 712112
Pittman® Universal Folding Wall Bike Rack
Sale priceFrom £69.00ex VAT
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anti theft wall bike rackAnti Theft Wall Bike Rack
SKU: 712130
Pittman® Anti Theft Wall Bike Rack
Sale price£110.00ex VAT
Bike Hook
SKU: 714006
Pittman® Bike-Up Bike Hook
Bull Bike HangerBull Bike Hanger
SKU: 714007
Pittman® Bull Bike Hanger
Eltham Vertical Bike Rack
SKU: 713636
Pittman® Eltham Vertical Bike Rack
Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Bike HangerHeavy Duty Wall Mounted Bike Hanger
SKU: 712115
Pittman® Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Bike Hanger
Sale price£339.00ex VAT
X-Type Semi Vertical Bike RackX-Type Semi Vertical Bike Rack
SKU: 713637
Pittman® X-Type Semi Vertical Bike Rack
City Coppa Bike StandCity Coppa Bike Stand
SKU: 735386
Moravia City Coppa Bike Stand
Sale priceFrom £218.00ex VAT
Contemporary Secure Storage For Multiple Bikes
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Vertical bike racks are hangers or holders that allow bikes to be hung via their frame or wheel. Using them can be a great way to save valuable bike storage space in indoor or outdoor areas. Hanging bikes in this manner have proven to be a tried and tested method for bike storage and will not affect the bike in any way.

Upright bike storage is available for single or multiple bikes. Once the bicycles are in position they can be locked in a place like any other bike rack. Vertical racks are highly suited to areas with high levels of bike use or buildings with their own bike parking facilities. The racks can be further covered with canopies or bike shelters to provide protection to the bikes while being stored.

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vertical bikeracks
What is a vertical bike rack?

A vertical bike rack is a bike hanger or bicycle holder that allows bikes to be hung from them - which in turn helps to save floor space.

A product like the Vertical Bike Rack Wall Mount can be installed quickly and easily on-site and allows for bike storage for one bike per unit. Bikes can be inserted into the wall-mounted unit and then locked into place, thus saving space on the floor in the area. Utilising this space removes trip hazards from the floor and allows for other items to be placed here should the need occur. The saved space can be used to house bike repair stations and maintain a cleaner, more efficient bike parking facility.

Benefits of vertical bike racks
  • Save valuable storage space - By storing bicycles in an upright manner it can help to save ground space and increase overall bike storage levels. An average bike will measure 72 inches from front to back - if installed vertically it is drastically reduced to 48 inches.
  • Reduce trip hazards - Having bikes stored in an upright manner will reduce the number of racks on the ground. This reduces the risk of trips in the area, especially when compared to standard bike racks or bike stands.
  • Increase amount of stored bike racks - Having vertical bike storage will allow facilities to store more bikes than before. This kind of storage is highly suited to apartment buildings, business premises, train or bus stations, schools and colleges.
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Vertical Bike Racks FAQ

Before installing vertical bicycle racks, it is important to complete a full risk assessment of the area and note anything that may hinder the use of the stands.

Be sure to check -

  • The size of the bikes - Will the bikes fit into the racks? Are there bikes in use in the area with larger tyre sizes?
  • Ground and lifting clearance - While the racks are installed they should allow bikes to be inserted with ease and without much effort. Be sure the headroom allows for easy insertion of bikes while not hitting the ceiling.
  • Minimal obstructions - Some racks can be installed in or around obstructions like pipes. However, it is best to install away from these obstructions to get the maximum storage spaces provided.
  • Mounting surface - vertical bike racks generally come in a free-standing, wall-mounted, ground-mounted or wall and ground-mounted design. It is crucial to ensure that whatever surface the racks are bolted to can hold the weight of the stand and the bikes at full capacity. The correct fixings and fixing methods should also be used. Assess the surface for any previous damage.
  • Wall Mounted - These racks only need to be bolted to the wall. They are often called a bike hanger or bicycle hanger. The Eltham Bike Hanger allows for single bikes to be stored via their wheels. Simple, fast and easy to use bike storage
  • Wall and Ground Mounted - for added stability, some racks will require them to be bolted to the wall and the ground. This is usually the case with many storage units for multiple bikes. The Semi Vertical Bike Rack has a strong steel frame that can hold up to 6 bikes at once in a standard setup.
  • Ground-mounted - ground-mounted vertical cycle racks will only require bolting down into a flat ground surface. This allows them to be installed in open areas and, in some cases, allows for back-to-back installations.
  • Free-standing - using a free-standing vertical rack may only be suitable for small bike amounts. Free-standing racks do not require bolting down, but installing them into the ground adds stability and longevity for the stand.

Consider the below when selecting your vertical bike storage:

  • The ceiling and ground clearance
  • The mounting surface type
  • Any nearby obstructions that could affect the use of the racks
  • The types of bicycles that will be stored
How to install vertical cycle racks?
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