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Choose Pittman for the UK's best quality range of park benches and seats. Get fast quotes on a wide range of plastic, steel, wood, and concrete benches. The Benito Citizen Eco Recycled Plastic Park Bench helps to boost sustainability while providing a virtually maintenance-free design. Large stocks mean fast delivery on the Benito Neobarcino Wooden Park Bench. Have an upcoming street project? Call us on 0121 630 3527 or email for fast quotes and specifications.

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See our full range of park benches and seats made for your next public space project. See our selection of best-selling and stock benches delivered fast.

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The Pittman ® Street Experience

Benito Citizen Eco Recycled Park BenchBenito Citizen Eco Recycled Park Bench
17% off
SKU: 713648
Benito Benito Citizen Eco Recycled Park Bench
Sale price£499.00 Regular price£599.00ex VAT
100% Recycled Polymer - Maintenance Free for Life
Neobarcino BenchNeobarcino Bench
SKU: 713640
Benito Neobarcino Bench
Sale price£459.50ex VAT
Benito Kube Concrete BenchBenito Kube Concrete Bench
SKU: 713655
Benito Benito Kube Concrete Bench
Benito Volga Concrete BenchBenito Volga Concrete Bench
SKU: 713731
Pittman® Benito Volga Concrete Bench
Neobarcino ChairNeobarcino Chair
SKU: 713641
Benito Neobarcino Chair
Stylish Seating for Public Streets
Bonn Steel BenchBonn Steel Bench
SKU: 750462
Rhine Bonn Steel Bench
Silaos Age-Friendly BenchSilaos Age-Friendly Bench
SKU: 737532
Procity Silaos Age-Friendly Bench
Sale priceFrom £559.00ex VAT
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Mora Street Wooden Bench
SKU: 724436
Procity Mora Street Wooden Bench
Sale price£419.00ex VAT
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Oslo Street Steel BenchOslo Street Steel Bench
SKU: 724440
Procity Oslo Street Steel Bench
Sale price£629.00ex VAT
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Pagoda Street Wooden BenchPagoda Street Wooden Bench
SKU: 724442
Procity Pagoda Street Wooden Bench
Sale price£556.00ex VAT
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Riga Street Wooden Bench
SKU: 724438
Procity Riga Street Wooden Bench
Sale price£559.00ex VAT
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Silaos Wooden Park BenchSilaos Wooden Park Bench
SKU: 737538
Procity Silaos Wooden Park Bench
Aesthetic Seating for Public Environments
Benito Gavarres Park BenchBenito Gavarres Park Bench
SKU: 713687
Benito Benito Gavarres Park Bench
Benito Gavarres Picnic Table SetBenito Gavarres Picnic Table Set
SKU: 713685
Benito Benito Gavarres Picnic Table Set
Benito Kube Madera Concrete BenchBenito Kube Madera Concrete Bench
SKU: 713658
Benito Benito Kube Madera Concrete Bench
Benito Kuk Picnic TableBenito Kuk Picnic Table
SKU: 713684
Benito Benito Kuk Picnic Table
Benito Pik Picnic TableBenito Pik Picnic Table
SKU: 713683
Benito Benito Pik Picnic Table
Benito Piknik Picnic Tablebenito piknik picnic table set
SKU: 713686
Benito Benito Piknik Picnic Table
Benito Vertebra Park BenchBenito Vertebra Park Bench
SKU: 713693
Benito Benito Vertebra Park Bench
Cologne Steel BenchCologne Steel Bench
SKU: 713722
Rhine Cologne Steel Bench
Emmerich Steel BenchEmmerich Steel Bench
SKU: 713723
Rhine Steel Benches Emmerich Steel Bench
Estoril Steel Park BenchEstoril Steel Park Bench
SKU: 896471
Procity Estoril Steel Park Bench
Koblenz Steel BenchKoblenz Steel Bench
SKU: 713720
Rhine Koblenz Steel Bench
KUBE Cube Street Bench
SKU: 726071
KUBE. KUBE Cube Street Bench
Modern Finish for Urban Environments

Park benches are a staple product in most street furniture ranges. They can complement business fronts, urban streets, park seating areas, and more. High-quality seating allows young and old to sit and relax, ideal for streets and shopfronts as seen in the Pittman® Street Experience video.

Having public benches in place will boost visitor numbers to the area and will also help to increase repeat visitors to local businesses. Benches can also work well alongside bus shelters and bus stops, allowing passengers to be comfortable while waiting on public transport.

Combine benches with planters on urban roadsides to instantly boost the street aesthetic. The benches will give pedestrians a place to sit, while planters can include flowers and plants to make the area feel more welcoming.

public park bench
Benefits of steel park benches to an urban streetscape
  • Resting place for pedestrians - wooden park benches allow pedestrians to sit and relax when out in public spaces. Benches encourage more visitors to the area while helping with repeat business to local merchants.
  • Boost streetscape aesthetic - the installation of benches will instantly boost the overall look of the entire street. Better looking streets can attract more business and make pedestrians feel more welcome.
  • Encourages people to be outdoors - benches will encourage people to be outdoors and meet with others. The benches can help to provide stronger social bonding and reduce isolation. Well-placed park benches can facilitate interactions in urban environments.
Creating attractive public spaces with park benches

Use park benches to create the best possible experiences for visitors and pedestrians. Having high-quality seating in place will ensure that visitors enjoy their time in the area and will likely visit again.

picnic table set may also be popular in green spaces in place of regular benches. These tables will give park visitors a place to sit, eat or drink and gather with others in comfort.

For longer lasting options consider installing recycled seating for your next public space project. Recycled plastic benches require minimal maintenance and are highly resistant to weathering, rotting, cracking, and drying when used in UK streetscapes. Sustainability is just one of the considerations for selecting the right park benches for your upcoming street project.

See the full Pittman street furniture and local authority range for a wide selection of park benches and seating for your next public space project.

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Park Benches FAQ

There are a number of materials available for park seating options. When choosing benches consider the area they are going into and the installation required for each one.

  • Recycled plastic - extremely hard wearing sustainable seating option for public spaces. Recycled plastic has extreme durability against the elements, with some options providing a maintenance-free life.
  • Wood - wood park benches provide an attractive, natural looking finish for greenspaces and streetscapes. Wood designs are usualy treated against rotting and corrosion and are highly suited to busy park environments.
  • Steel - steel benches are one of the hardest wearing outdoor seating options, designed for long-term use in urban settings. Steel is highly customisable and is availalbe in variours colours and designs.
  • Concrete - concrete benches are highly suited to urban settings and provide a modern, robust seat. Due to their naturally heavy weight they essentially require no installation and will free-stand in place.

Most park benches are approximately 1800mm (6 Feet) in length. This can accomodate approximately 3-4 people per bench. However, numbers can vary depending on the bench type. Smaller sizes and single chair options are also available.

Most benches are made for public spaces can be bolted down into the ground. They can be mounted via integral fixing points for easy installation where needed. Other installation options include sub-surface mounting directly into concrete or free-standing without any requirement for fixing.

The expectancy of a park bench can depend heavily on the material used, the area it is installed in and the climate of the area. Recycled plastic benches, like the Citizen Eco bench, can offer maintenance-free seating for public spaces for a lifetime. In general, most benches are designed to last 20+ years outdoors in the right conditions.