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Choose from Britain's widest range of pedestrian and vehicle cable ramps made for the toughest projects. Pedestrian cable ramps can reduce the risk of trips and fall on site. Hose ramps can protect cables from HGV damage. Have an upcoming project? Call our cable ramps experts on 0121 630 3527 or email fast quotes.

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Cable Ramp
HR2 Cable Protection Ramp main sectionHR2 Cable Protection Ramp in use with a HGV
SKU: 756336
Moravia HR2 Cable Protection Ramp
Sale priceFrom £19.50ex VAT
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Cable Protector RollCable Protector Roll
SKU: 862827
Moravia Cable Protector Roll
Sale price£125.95ex VAT
Easy to Deploy 10-Metre Roll
Cable Protection Ramp 1200mmCable Protection Ramp 1200mm
SKU: 756338
Moravia Cable Protection Ramp 1200mm
Sale price£73.95ex VAT
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HR3 Fire Hose Protection RampsHR3 Fire Hose Protection Ramps
SKU: 756300
PITTMAN® UK HR3 Fire Hose Protection Ramps
Sale price£54.50ex VAT
Ideal For Protecting Large Cables And Hoses
Pedestrian Cable Cover
SKU: 756352
Pittman® CR2-X Pedestrian Cable Cover
Sale price£52.00ex VAT
HR4 Hose RampHR4 Hose Ramp
SKU: 756346
Pittman® HR4 Hose Ramp
Sale price£108.00ex VAT
HR5 Hose RampHR5 Hose Ramp
SKU: 756348
Pittman® HR5 Hose Ramp
Sale price£142.00ex VAT
GHP Cable Tidy - Protection Ramp Indoor 1MGHP Cable Tidy - Protection Ramp Indoor 1M
SKU: 756250
Pittman® GHP Cable Tidy - Protection Ramp Indoor 1M
Sale priceFrom £14.99ex VAT
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Cable/Hose Protection Ramp - 5 ChannelCable/Hose Protection Ramp - 5 Channel
SKU: 782712
Moravia Cable/Hose Protection Ramp - 5 Channel
Sale price£114.96ex VAT
Multiple Hose/Cable Protector For Pedestrian Traffic Multiple Hose/Cable Protector for Pedestrian Traffic
SKU: 756354
Pittman® Multiple Hose/Cable Protector for Pedestrian Traffic
Sale price£357.80ex VAT
JSP Ridgeback® Cable Ramp
SKU: 756745
JSP JSP Ridgeback® Cable Ramp
Wall-Mounted Drain Pipe ProtectorWall-Mounted Drain Pipe Protector
SKU: 765257
Moravia Wall-Mounted Drain Pipe Protector
Sale priceFrom £97.00ex VAT
Protect Exposed Pipes from Impacts
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Cable Bridge 490 Bolt DownCable Bridge 490 Bolt Down
SKU: 762115
Pittman® Cable Bridge 490 Bolt Down
Sale price£99.50ex VAT
Offers Solution For Permanent Fixing
Guard Dog® ADA Cable Protector - 5 Channel
SKU: 749091
Pittman® Guard Dog® ADA Cable Protector - 5 Channel
Linebacker® 5 Channel Cable Protection Ramplinebacker 5 channel cable protection ramp
SKU: 749093
Pittman® Linebacker® 5 Channel Cable Protection Ramp
Guard Dog® Low Profile Cable Protector - 5 Channel
SKU: 749092
Pittman® Guard Dog® Low Profile Cable Protector - 5 Channel

What are cable ramps used for?

Cable ramps are used to protect exposed wires and cables on the ground, especially where there may be heavy pedestrian traffic. Most cable ramps come in a loose lay format that allows for instant use on site.

How many cables can a cable ramp protect?

Depending on the cable ramp you choose you can protect a number of cables at once. Our most popular cable ramp, The HR2 Hose Cable Protection Ramp, can protect up to 3 hoses or cables with 2no. channels at 68 x 50mm and 1no. channel 55 x 50mm.

cable protection ramp
cable ramp

Can cable ramps protect cables against HGV traffic?

Cable ramps like the Cable Protection Ramp 1200mm are perfect for using with HGV traffic. Each ramp is made from highly durable rubber and is perfect for protecting up to 3 cables against large duty vehicles.

For larger hoses and cables you can also try our Hose Ramps - products like the HR4 Hose Ramp allow for even wider cables such as electrical cables or fire hoses, with 2no channels that can accomodate 95 x 102mm hoses.

Benefits of using cable ramps

Protect cables from damage -cable ramp setups will cover or protect exposed cables from damage. Damaged cables may result in costly repairs to equipment and may also hinder project completions.

Reduce trips and falls - pedestrian cable ramps can be used to allow pedestrians to move through an area with decreased risk of tripping on cables. This helps to protect employees and civilians on sites.

Reduce site downtimes -cable ramps will allow projects to continue as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Trucks, cars or pedestrians will be able to pass through the area quite normally while nearby works continue.

Highly suited to temporary works - cable ramps are ideal for temporary works. While permanent options are available for permanent works, temporary cable ramp setups will allow ramps to be removed when not in use anymore. The ramps can be used again and again where needed.

CR2 Cable Protection Ramp

Cable Ramps FAQ

To choose the right ramp for your project keep in mind -

  • What kind of traffic will be passing over the ramps? - Depending on the traffic moving over the ramps will determine what kind of cable ramp you need. Heavier-duty ramps are suited to trucks and HGVs, ideal for outdoor roadworks or maintenance. Lighter-duty cable ramps will suffice for pedestrian activity.
  • What size cables do you need to protect? - Our ramps can protect any cable type, from small wires and power leads to industrial style hoses and tubing. Check the diameter of your cables before purchasing cable protectors to ensure the wires will fit correctly with the ramp.
  • What kind of area you are using the ramp in? - Will the area be left unattended, or are the cable ramps only there for a temporary purpose? Be sure to check the site they are deployed to in order to ensure the state of the surface. Cable ramps are not designed to cover open ground and should only be installed on flat surfaces.

Cable ramps are designed for low levels of HGV traffic only. They are not designed for heavy traffic conditions. If you have frequent traffic consider installing a speed ramp with integral cable channels instead.

Cable ramps should never be used as a traffic calming method.

Cable protection ramps are generally made from plastic or recycled rubber. Rubber is a very popular ramp option as it provides excellent protection to cables while being able to deal with heavy loads.

The weight that cable protectors can hold will vary depending on the material and design. Lighweight plastic or rubber cable protectors are ideal for general pedestrian traffic. Heavy duty cable protectors can be used with cars or HGVs.

It is recommended that vehicles do not turn while on the cable ramps themselves in order to preserve the integrity of the ramp and to prevend damage.

How to choose the right cable ramp?
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