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Get fast delivery on our wide range of speed humps made for British roads. Modular rubber designs mean faster installation and longer lasting designs compared to concrete options. Call our experts on 0121 630 3527 or email sales@pittman.uk for the best quotes and bulk discounts.

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Speed Humps
Saferide 50 Speed HumpSaferide 50 Speed Hump
SKU: 765397
Moravia Saferide 50 Speed Hump
Sale priceFrom £92.50ex VAT
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SafeRide 75 Speed HumpSafeRide 75 Speed Hump
SKU: 735480
Moravia SafeRide 75 Speed Hump
Sale priceFrom £82.89ex VAT
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Safety Rider Speed Hump KitSafety Rider Speed Hump Kit
SKU: 756529
GNR Safety Rider Speed Hump Kit
Sale priceFrom £524.56ex VAT
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XPT Berlin speed cushion in blackXPT Berlin speed cushion on roadway
SKU: 747501
XPT XPT - Berlin Speed Cushion
Sale priceFrom £1,099.00ex VAT
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XPT London Speed Cushion SystemXPT London Speed Cushion System
SKU: 895795
XPT XPT London Speed Cushion System
Why choose a speed hump?

Choose a speed hump for areas that will require emergency vehicle access. The wider design of a speed hump makes them a highly effective traffic calming device where emergency vehicles and public transport vehicles are concerned.

Because speed humps are more gradual than a speed ramp they are less severe on vehicles. This allows traffic to flow quite normally while slowing vehicles down to a relatively safe speed. 

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What is the best speed hump?

The best speed hump is the Safety Rider Speed Hump Kit. Available in different kit sizes the Safety Rider Speed hump comes with all the main sections you need to create the length of speed hump you require. Each of the Safety Rider speed hump main sections is molded with yellow strips for high visibility. They are also vulcanised and molded to provide the utmost grip with any vehicle.

Also available from Pittman are the XPT Berlin Speed Cushion. This road hump is like the Safety Rider in that it provides an excellent means of traffic calming while allowing traffic to flow through when needed. However, the Berlin speed hump is perfect for slowing down regular vehicle traffic but instead allowing emergency services vehicles to drive over them with ease. 

Consider using a speed cushion to futher reduce the effect on emergency vehicles. Cushions will allow for gaps where emergency vehicles can pass through with ease.

A speed table can also be used in urban settings and provide a dual purpose on roads. Use as a highly effective speed reduction ramp and a pedestrian crossing in public roads and streets.

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