Anti-Slip Solutions

Pittman's Wide Range of Anti-Slip Solutions for Workplaces

Choose from a wide range of anti-slip products to reduce workplace accidents. Need to boost grip on outdoor steps? Use the GRP Decking Treads and GRP Anti-Slip Stair Nosing for long-lasting slip prevention. Install Anti-Slip Tape for quick and easy anti-slip solutions to steps and stairways.

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Anti-Slip Solutions
Bolt Down Anti Slip Aluminium Plate - L-ShapedBolt Down Anti Slip Aluminium Plate - L-Shaped
SKU: 759666
Pittman® Bolt Down Anti Slip Aluminium Plate - L-Shaped
Sale price£49.50ex VAT
Boost Grip on Indoor or Outdoor Steps
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Bolt Down Anti Slip Aluminium Plates - FlatBolt Down Anti Slip Aluminium Plates - Flat
SKU: 759668
Pittman® Bolt Down Anti Slip Aluminium Plates - Flat
Sale price£29.50ex VAT
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SKU: 724057
Pittman® Gripfoot Anti-Slip Tape
Sale priceFrom £9.00ex VAT
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GRP Stair TreadsGRP Stair Treads
SKU: 727066
Pittman® GRP Stair Treads
Sale price£13.90ex VAT
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GRP Anti Slip Stair NosingGRP Anti Slip Stair Nosing
SKU: 726977
Pittman® GRP Anti Slip Stair Nosing
Sale price£16.50ex VAT
Increase Grip on Outdoor Stairways and Steps
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Outdoor Step Anti Slip KitOutdoor Step Anti Slip Kit
SKU: 759789
Pittman® Outdoor Step Anti Slip Kit
Sale price£99.50ex VAT
Anti Slip Floor StripsAnti Slip Floor Strips
SKU: 727112
Pittman® Anti Slip Floor Strips
Sale priceFrom £9.95ex VAT
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Proline Anti-Slip TapeProline Anti-Slip Tape
SKU: 862860
Moravia Proline Anti-Slip Tape
Sale priceFrom £15.50ex VAT
Rated For Anti-Slip Properties
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Proline Conformable Anti-Slip TapeProline Conformable Anti-Slip Tape
SKU: 862828
Moravia Proline Conformable Anti-Slip Tape
Sale priceFrom £36.00ex VAT
Moulds To Uneven Surfaces
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Slip hazards come in a variety of forms which is why Pittman stock a wide range of anti-slip solutions from anti-slip kits and tapes, to bold-down anti-slip plates and Perfect Grip NonSkid Spray.

Proline anti-slip tape can be used indoors on most surfaces providing a durable anti-slip solution that’s long lasting and hard-wearing. The non-slip walk safe tape has a grip-tape surface that increases underfoot traction making it ideal for placing where there is a risk of slip hazards. Easy to apply the tape can help you fulfil the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) applicable to all businesses, as well as help you confirm to Document ‘M’ of the building regulations.

Our Outdoor Step Anti-slip kit includes the Outdoor Step Anti Slip Kit which is designed to clean the area you intend placing Anti-Slip Tape on– increasing the bond between the two. This is a real help in exterior environments where dirt and contaminants can make the ground greasy and slippy, making it difficult to affix tape. The kit contain primer, edge fix, cleaner and tape all of which enable the anti-slip tape to attach firmly for the longest time. Suitable for use with wood, concrete and stone, application reduces the risk of tripping, while the tape can be cut into sections to enable it to be used to cover a number of areas. Tape comes in black and black and yellow – allowing you to highlight areas or create an unobtrusive anti-slip solution.

Pittman also supply bolt down anti slip aluminium plates which can be used in areas where non slip tape is inapplicable for example on wet or loose surfaces. The plates are designed cover the edges of steps with a non-slip surface. Comprised on tarnish-proof aluminium plates come in high visibility colours of black and yellow.

For helping to reduce risk of slipping on flat or uneven or curved surfaces the Perfekt Grip NonSkid Spray is ideal, whether at home or in the workplace, and can be used time after time to top up areas. Ideal for use outdoors preventing pedestrian accidents, in warehouses and in other areas of high footfall. Also useful for getting in to tight corners and spaces where tape can’t.

For other anti-slip needs Pittman provide anti-slip matting, and warning signs to alert pedestrians and drivers of slip hazards on roads and pathways.

For expert advice on selecting the appropriate form of anti-slip solution for your organisation contact our friendly, expert sales team on or call us on 0121 630 3527.