Cable Protector Ramp

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HR3 Fire Hose Protection RampsHR3 Fire Hose Protection Ramps
SKU: 756300
PITTMAN® UK HR3 Fire Hose Protection Ramps
Sale price£54.50ex VAT
Ideal For Protecting Large Cables And Hoses
GHP Cable Tidy - Protection Ramp Indoor 1MGHP Cable Tidy - Protection Ramp Indoor 1M
SKU: 756250
Pittman® GHP Cable Tidy - Protection Ramp Indoor 1M
Sale priceFrom £14.99ex VAT
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Cable Bridge 490 Bolt DownCable Bridge 490 Bolt Down
SKU: 762115
Pittman® Cable Bridge 490 Bolt Down
Sale price£99.50ex VAT
Offers Solution For Permanent Fixing
Pedestrian Cable Cover
SKU: 756352
Pittman® CR2-X Pedestrian Cable Cover
Sale price£52.00ex VAT
Cable/Hose Protection Ramp - 5 ChannelCable/Hose Protection Ramp - 5 Channel
SKU: 782712
Moravia Cable/Hose Protection Ramp - 5 Channel
Sale price£114.96ex VAT
Cable Protector RollCable Protector Roll
SKU: 862827
Moravia Cable Protector Roll
Sale price£125.95ex VAT
Easy to Deploy 10-Metre Roll
HR4 Hose RampHR4 Hose Ramp
SKU: 756346
Pittman® HR4 Hose Ramp
Sale price£108.00ex VAT
HR5 Hose RampHR5 Hose Ramp
SKU: 756348
Pittman® HR5 Hose Ramp
Sale price£142.00ex VAT
Lite Cable Protector RampLite Cable Protector Ramp
SKU: 751206
Pittman® Lite Cable Protector Ramp
Sale price£35.00ex VAT
Multiple Hose/Cable Protector For Pedestrian Traffic Multiple Hose/Cable Protector for Pedestrian Traffic
SKU: 756354
Pittman® Multiple Hose/Cable Protector for Pedestrian Traffic
Sale price£357.80ex VAT

Pittman have a wide range of cable protection solutions, allowing you to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls in work or at your event.

Need a cable protector ramp in a rush?

Don't worry Pittman keep large stocks in our warehouse, available for speedy or even Express delivery across the UK.

Which cable protector cover is most popular?

We have such a large range, but our best seller is definitely the HR2 Hose Cable Protection Ramp which is tested for use with 40 tonne HGV, comes with a yellow hinged lid for convenient deployment and has BIG capacity:3 channels: 2 cables 68 x 50mm and 1 cable 55 x 50mm

How do I choose the correct cable cover?

Call us on 0121 630 3527. We'll be happy to talk you through the various options. Things to consider include:

For permanent use? Maybe even consider our Easy Rider speed bump (The Easy Rider has 2 x 30mm channels on the underside)
For temporary deployment over a weekend? Maybe the HR2 Cable Protection Ramp
For semi-permanent use? Then look at our new Cable Bridge

I just need a cable tidy for indoor use!
Then consider the GHP Rubber Cable Tidy which comes in black or yellow, or for slightly larger capacity choose the CR2 Cable Protection Cover

Remember PITTMAN offer high-quality durable cable protection solutions - guaranteed to give long life when used for the correct application. Temporary or lightweight cable ramps won't last long on a construction site so choose from our heavier duty range. Whatever solution you deploy don't forget to regularly monitor the site in line with your own risk assessment.