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HR3 Fire Hose Protection RampsHR3 Fire Hose Protection Ramps
SKU: 756300
PITTMAN® UK HR3 Fire Hose Protection Ramps
Sale price£54.50ex VAT
Ideal For Protecting Large Cables And Hoses
GHP Cable Tidy - Protection Ramp Indoor 1MGHP Cable Tidy - Protection Ramp Indoor 1M
SKU: 756250
Pittman® GHP Cable Tidy - Protection Ramp Indoor 1M
Sale priceFrom £14.99ex VAT
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Wall-Mounted Drain Pipe ProtectorWall-Mounted Drain Pipe Protector
SKU: 765257
Moravia Wall-Mounted Drain Pipe Protector
Sale priceFrom £97.00ex VAT
Protect Exposed Pipes from Impacts
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Cable Bridge 490 Bolt DownCable Bridge 490 Bolt Down
SKU: 762115
Pittman® Cable Bridge 490 Bolt Down
Sale price£99.50ex VAT
Offers Solution For Permanent Fixing
Pedestrian Cable Cover
SKU: 756352
Pittman® CR2-X Pedestrian Cable Cover
Sale price£52.00ex VAT
Cable/Hose Protection Ramp - 5 ChannelCable/Hose Protection Ramp - 5 Channel
SKU: 782712
Moravia Cable/Hose Protection Ramp - 5 Channel
Sale price£114.96ex VAT
Cable Protector RollCable Protector Roll
SKU: 862827
Moravia Cable Protector Roll
Sale price£125.95ex VAT
Easy to Deploy 10-Metre Roll
HR4 Hose RampHR4 Hose Ramp
SKU: 756346
Pittman® HR4 Hose Ramp
Sale price£108.00ex VAT
HR5 Hose RampHR5 Hose Ramp
SKU: 756348
Pittman® HR5 Hose Ramp
Sale price£142.00ex VAT
Lite Cable Protector RampLite Cable Protector Ramp
SKU: 751206
Pittman® Lite Cable Protector Ramp
Sale price£35.00ex VAT
Multiple Hose/Cable Protector For Pedestrian Traffic Multiple Hose/Cable Protector for Pedestrian Traffic
SKU: 756354
Pittman® Multiple Hose/Cable Protector for Pedestrian Traffic
Sale price£357.80ex VAT

At Pittman we have a fantastic selection of hose protector and cable protection products suitable for using in various areas and for various purposes. Each of our products provides a high quality method for protecting important hoses and cables that would usually be exposed to pedestrian or vehicle traffic. Use Pittman hose protectors on your site or project today.

What are hose protectors made from?

Most of our hose protector products are made from highly durable rubber materials, suitable for installing on site by hand but also remaining highly durable when it comes to protecting important cables and hoses from vehicles.

Our HR2-E Hose Cable Protection Ramp is a popular product in our hose protector range - the excellent hose ramp product can be laid out on site easily and can be connected end on end with other units. Each hose protector is made from a highly durable rubber material and is fitted with a plastic lid that can be opened and closed when access to the interior is required. Each HR2-E comes with 3 channels and can protect several hoses or cables at once.

what is a hose protector?

Are rubber hose protectors suitable for using with HGVs?

Our Cable Protector Roll 20mm is perfect for using with HGVs - the tough rubber material makes it perfect for various applications. The handy 10 metre roll allows for easy transport and easy set up on site with protection for a hose up to 20mm in diameter.

What is the widest hose protector I can buy?

The widest hose protector in our range is the HR5 Hose Ramp - each hose protector comes with 2 channels that can hold a 125mm diameter cable or hose each. The HR%s are perfect for using with HGVs and busy freight areas, ideal for protecting large cables and hoses at all times.