Lamp Post Protectors

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Column Protector - SlimlineColumn Protector - Slimline
SKU: 719046
Pittman® Column Protector - Slimline
Sale priceFrom £233.55ex VAT
Protects Columns 100 - 160mm Wide
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Column Protector - XLColumn Protector - XL
SKU: 719045
Pittman® Column Protector - XL
Sale priceFrom £111.00ex VAT
Protects Columns 150 - 300mm Wide - Infills Available
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Lamp Post ProtectorLamp Post Protector
SKU: 899216
Pittman® Lamp Post Protector
Sale priceFrom £109.50ex VAT
Single-Piece Protection for Racking, Columns or Posts
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Addgard Universal Column ProtectorUniversal Column Protector
SKU: 895863
Pittman® Universal Column Protector
Sale price£298.00ex VAT
Universal Fitting - Air Cushion Design to Absorb Impacts
Traffic-Line Column ProtectorsTraffic-Line Column Protectors
SKU: 765254
Moravia Traffic-Line Column Protectors
Sale priceFrom £412.00ex VAT
Two-Piece Design for Easy Installation at Columns
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Lamp Post Protectors offer excellent protection for key assets and infrastucture. The lamp post protectors reduce the risk of damage to poles, bollards or posts and protect them during impact. Usually made from steel the lamp post protectors can be surface mounted or countersunk depending on the area.

lamp post protectors

Why use lamp post protectors?

Lamp post protectors reduce the risk of damage to lamp posts, poles, trees and more. The bars on the post protectors prevent impacting vehicles from hitting the protected asset. However, because the protector is open on one end it still allows for maintenance when needed.

How to install lamp post protectors?

Lamp post protectors can either be installed directly to the surface via fixed plates or cast into concrete. The choice will depend on how permanent the installation will be in the area. The area also determines how the lamp post protectors can be installed.


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