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Trumeter 5000 Road Distance Measuring WheelTrumeter 5000 Road Distance Measuring Wheel
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Trumeter Trumeter 5000 Road Distance Measuring Wheel
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PITTMAN stock Trumeter and Rotosure Distance Measuring Wheels including the popular Trumeter 5000 Road Wheel.

Verification of distances is a requirement of many different industries, including surveying and road planning where reliability of measurement is a priority. Measuring wheels are extremely useful tools that can be used to measure long distances quickly and accurately each type having different benefits to suit particular applications. Measuring wheels can be used for all types of job from paving, building, estimating fence lengths, and for calculating insurance premiums. They can also be used to calculate land area for application of seeds or fertilisers, for landscaping, and for internal flooring and decorating purposes.

Distance Measurers are easy to use. The counter should be set to zero and the wheel rolled along the ground until the end point at which another counter reading is taken. Small to medium wheels are more suitable for internal use while larger wheels or road wheels are suitable for use outdoors. In general, the more undulating the terrain the larger the diameter of the wheel.

The Trumeter 5000 Road Distance Measuring Wheel provides excellent measuring results of larger distance areas. Featuring a large easy to read display the wheel features a built in stand and brake so that the wheel can be kept upright when halted, and also comes with a folding and locking handle for quick and easy transportation. The Rotosure RES1000 Road Measuring Wheel is another Road Measuring Wheel which is also ideal for measuring areas for paving, fencing and line-marking as well as for use at construction sites and re-development. This competitively priced road measurer is perfect for use when measuring tape will not suffice, it’s lightweight design and grip making it ergonomically superior.

The Rotosure Classique Professional 1000 Road measuring wheel is ideal for use in measuring roads and pathways, being suitable for use on concrete and tarmac. This measuring wheel is also suitable for using on football pitches and other grassy surfaces. Also offering excellent grip and stability the wheel can be packed away into the provided Rotosure carrier bag when not in use.

Pittman also supply measuring instruments designed to take accurate indoor measurements. The Rotosure RD500 Mini Measuring Wheel is ideal for use in office and factory environments, for measuring along walls and floors for fitting furniture and carpets, measuring surfaces far more accurately and quickly than tape measures. Pittman also supply a highly effective laser distance meter, the Leica Disto, ideal for use outdoors and indoors providing accurate measurement of widths, heights and depths of buildings, calculating areas other measurement tools find difficult.

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