JSP Ridgeback Speed Bump Kit 75mm

Size: 2.4 Metre Wide
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Our Highest Bump - Slows Cars to 5mph

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  • Highly durable recycled PVC design
  • 8no. thermoplastic yellow markings per section
  • Highly visible at all times
  • Integral locking system for easy installation
  • Bolt down easily - universal fixings included
  • Integral cable channel - 30(H) x 45(W) mm

The 75mm speed bumps are severe and are intended for use in areas where there is an immediate danger to pedestrians. For general traffic we recommend using the JSP Ridgeback Speed Bump Kit 50mm

Professional Use
Rated at 5mp/h
Bolts included
Bolt Down
High Visibility

The JSP Ridgeback Speed Bump Kit 75mm provides a severe ramp to slow vehicles down to approximately 5mph. Each kit is made from highly durable rubber and is comprised of mid-sections, end caps and the necessary fixings needed to complete the ramp.

The 75mm high ramp helps to reduce vehicle speeds dramatically and is commonly used in areas with an immediate danger to pedestrians. Each section comes with thermoplastic retro-reflective markings, making the ramps highly visible to motorists when in place, perfect for roadways, underground car parks and more.

The Ridgeback® speed bumps also include an integral cable channel that can protect hoses or cables on-site. Simply insert the cable underneath during installation, and they will be protected, even when cars are moving over the speed ramp.

It is recommended that the 75mm ramp is used for cars or LGVs only. If frequent HGV use occurs the ramp may start to wear and fail, causing a safety issue.

Installing the Ridgeback Speed Bump Kit 75mm

To install the Ridgeback, mark each section's area and drill into position. Insert the fixings into place and tighten into place as necessary. Be sure not to overtighten the fixings during installation.

The integral joining system can easily join the speed bump sections and end caps. This allows the sections to be connected quickly when installing the bump and helps to keep the sections together. This system allows the speed bump to remain in place for long-term use.

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