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WeatherMaster XL Retractable Belt BarrierWeatherMaster XL Retractable Belt Barrier
SKU: 899553
Queue Solutions WeatherMaster XL Retractable Belt Barrier
Sale price£119.50ex VAT
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RopeMaster Braided RopeRopeMaster Braided Rope
SKU: 782076
Queue Solutions RopeMaster Braided Rope
Sale priceFrom £29.00ex VAT
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RopeMaster Rope PostRopeMaster Rope Post
SKU: 782083
Queue Solutions RopeMaster Rope Post
Sale priceFrom £89.50ex VAT
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SafetyMaster Retractable Belt BarrierSafetyMaster Retractable Belt Barrier
SKU: 782526
Queue Solutions SafetyMaster Retractable Belt Barrier
Sale priceFrom £74.00ex VAT
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WeatherMaster Retractable Belt BarrierWeatherMaster Retractable Belt Barrier
SKU: 786808
Queue Solutions WeatherMaster Retractable Belt Barrier
Sale price£72.00ex VAT
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WeatherMaster Twin Retractable Belt BarrierWeatherMaster Twin Retractable Belt Barrier
SKU: 782372
Queue Solutions WeatherMaster Twin Retractable Belt Barrier
Sale priceFrom £119.00ex VAT
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RopeMaster Economy Velour RopeRopeMaster Economy Velour Rope
SKU: 782064
Queue Solutions RopeMaster Economy Velour Rope
Sale price£36.50ex VAT
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RopeMaster Velour RopeRopeMaster Velour Rope
SKU: 782071
Queue Solutions RopeMaster Velour Rope
Sale priceFrom £38.00ex VAT
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QueueMaster Twin Retractable Belt BarrierQueueMaster Twin Retractable Belt Barrier In Use
SKU: 782165
Queue Solutions QueueMaster Twin Retractable Belt Barrier
Sale price£135.00ex VAT
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QueueMaster Retractable Belt BarrierQueueMaster Retractable Belt Barrier
SKU: 782128
Queue Solutions QueueMaster Retractable Belt Barrier
Sale priceFrom £55.00ex VAT
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QueuePro Retractable Belt BarrierQueuePro Retractable Belt Barrier
SKU: 786828
Queue Solutions QueuePro Retractable Belt Barrier
Sale priceFrom £79.50ex VAT
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WallPro Retractable Belt BarrierWallPro Retractable Belt Barrier
SKU: 782409
Queue Solutions WallPro Retractable Belt Barrier
Sale priceFrom £75.00ex VAT
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RopeMaster Event PackRopeMaster Event Pack
SKU: 782518
Queue Solutions RopeMaster Event Pack
Sale priceFrom £178.50ex VAT
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At Pittman we are a proud supplier of Queue Solutions products – a fantastic range of retractable belt barriers and queue barriers that can help to cordon off an area or create queue and pedestrian systems in an instant. Each Queue Solutions product is made with the best of materials and provides an excellent lifespan while in use. There are queue barrier systems and retractable belt posts that are perfect for many different environments, helping you to create queuing systems tailored to your specific area.

What kind of queue solutions barrier do I need for my school or office?

When it comes to public buildings and the likes of schools, banks or office environments there are many queue solutions products and retractable belt post options that would suit perfectly. The QueueMaster Belt Barrier provides a quick and easy solution to barrier needs and is available in three different post styles, all suitable for a professional environment. Each barrier is equipped with an easy to use 3.4 metre belt that can be pulled out and retracted with great ease. When it comes to closing off larger areas and creating queue systems for large environments you can easily attached the belt of one belt barrier onto another. What’s more, the belts themselves are available with many different colours or messages being displayed, ideal for creating a “No Entry” message for customers or “Authorised Access Only” message and many more.

What kind of queue solutions barrier would suit my warehouse?

Where free standing belt barriers would suit the likes of offices and schools they may not work the same for the likes of warehouses and freight depots. The WallPro Belt Barrier provides an excellent means of closing off an area to pedestrians and employees, again with the option of having plain colour belts or a specific message to deter entry into a particular place. The Wall Pro Belt Barrier can be installed directly onto a wall and comes with various options for how you would like the belt end to look – with a choice of a regular clip, magnetic end (perfect for attaching to warehouse racking etc.) or an s-clip which can be used to attach onto other belts or the same belt directly.

Queue Solutions