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Hand-Held Security Inspection MirrorHand-Held Security Inspection Mirror
SKU: 758300
Moravia Hand-Held Security Inspection Mirror
Sale price£132.50ex VAT
Extendable Handle For Easy Use
Panoramic 180° Dome MirrorPanoramic 180° Dome Mirror
SKU: 758386
Moravia Panoramic 180° Dome Mirror
Sale priceFrom £50.95ex VAT
Provides Extra Safety And Supervisory Capabilities
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Panoramic 90° Dome MirrorPanoramic 90° Dome Mirror
SKU: 758390
Moravia Panoramic 90° Dome Mirror
Sale priceFrom £38.95ex VAT
Perfect For Narrow Hallways, Gives Wider View
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Panoramic 360° Dome MirrorPanoramic 360° Dome Mirror
SKU: 758380
Moravia Panoramic 360° Dome Mirror
Sale priceFrom £95.50ex VAT
Indispensable Safety Aid In High Traffic Areas
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Security Inspection Mirror On CastorsSecurity Inspection Mirror On Castors
SKU: 758301
Moravia Security Inspection Mirror On Castors
Sale price£249.95ex VAT
Reduces The Need For Manual Inspection
LED Inspection LightLED Inspection Light
SKU: 758302
Moravia LED Inspection Light
Sale price£109.00ex VAT
Light Up Hard To Reach Areas For Inspection

Checkpoint Security Mirrors are the well proven aid for boosting visibility at security checkpoints at entrances to airports, cargo ports, large facilities and events.

The Handheld Security Inspection Mirror is hand-held and ideal for seeing under cars on top of loads and other hard to each areas with a mirror diameter of 23cm and a telescopic handle that allows the mirror to be held out at between 1 Metres and 2 Metres – weighing in at only 2KG it can be comfortable enough to use for extended periods.

For extended use at security checkpoints it’s worth considering the Security Inspection Mirror on Castors which comes on a set of wheels. This makes it very easy to slide under vehicles with the effort of lifting the mirror. The mirror itself is generously sized at 46cm which boosts visibility.

Both of the above mirrors can be used with the clip-on LED light which just snaps into position and can be of great benefit when reaching under vehicles or other badly lit areas.

All of our security mirrors come in tough acrylic which strikes the perfect balance between lightweight for comfort of use and shatter resistance for durability in tough environments.

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