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Trumeter 5000 Road Distance Measuring WheelTrumeter 5000 Road Distance Measuring Wheel
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Trumeter Trumeter 5000 Road Distance Measuring Wheel
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At Pittman we are a proud supplier of the Trumeter range. Trumeter are a global manufacturer of leading measuring equipment and counting equipment. Choose from our excellent Trumeter range with FAST delivery from stock.

What is the most popular Trumeter product?

The best Trumeter product is the Trumeter 5000 road distance measuring wheel. Each wheel is highly reliable with an accuracy of ± 1%. The wheels are extremely easy to use and can measure up to 99999.9 metres. It also has -

  • Built in stand and brake
  • Large, easy to read display
  • Folding handle for easy transport

How to use Trumeter measuring wheel?

To use the Trumeter measuring wheel simply roll the wheel forward with the handle. Once moving the wheel will begin counting. If rolled backward the wheel will retract the measurement. To reset the wheel simply use the reset button beside the display.

Are there electronic Trumeter measuring wheels?

The Trumeter Measuremeter 5505e Electronic Measuring Wheel uses an electronic system. Each wheel comes with an LCD display for easy reading. Each wheel is ideal for using outdoors. It also comes with -

  • Backlight for low-light conditions
  • Long life battery
  • Push button reset
  • Two measuring modes - trip and total
  • Metric and imperial measuring options
  • Electronic brake system


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