Armorgard Gorilla Gas Cage™

Option: GGC1: 1012(w)x563(d)x931(h)mm
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£774.00inc VAT
SKU: 896003
Armorgard's Unique Security Cage For Cylinders

Small Cages Delivery: Normally 5 - 7 Days

  • Galvanised steel
  • Modular design - dismantle easily
  • All fixings included
  • Secure using a padlock - not included
  • Fixing point - bolt down if necessary
  • Safety signage included

The Armorgard Gorilla Gas Cage™ is specifically designed for storing gas cylinders. Made from galvanised steel, the cage is suitable for all weather. Erect the cage on site and bolt to the ground when needed for extra security. Once finished with the cage, dis-mantle and store until next time.

The Gorilla Gas Cage™ is locked using a standard padlock, ensuring safety while on site. Standard warning signage makes the cage more visible.

Model External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Weight
1012(w) x 563(d) x 931(h)mm 950(w) x 500(d) x 900(h)mm 40kg
GGC3 912(w) x 566(d) x 1831(h)mm 850(w) x 500(d) x 1800(h)mm 60kg
GGC4 1212(w) x 1266(d) x 1231(h)mm 1150(w) x 1200(d) x 1200(h)mm 68kg
GGC5 912(w) x 966(d) x 1831(h)mm 850(w) x 900(d) x 1800(h)mm 67kg
GGC6 1212(w) x 1266(d) x 1831(h)mm 1150(w) x 1200(d) x 1800(h)mm 87kg
GGC7 1812(w) x 966(d) x 1831(h)mm 1750(w) x 900(d) x 1800(h)mm 98kg
GGC8 1812(w) x 1266(d) x 1831(h)mm 1750(w) x 1200(d) x 1800(h)mm 108kg
GGC9 1812(w) x 1866(d) x 1831(h)mm 1750(w) x 1800(d) x 1800(h)mm 135kg
GGC10 2412(w) x 1866(d) x 1831(h)mm 2350(w) x 1800(d) x 1800(h)mm 165kg
GGC11 2712(w) x 1866(d) x 1831(h)mm 2650(w) x 1800(d) x 1800(h)mm 188kg
GGC12 2412(w) x 2466(d) x 1831(h)mm 2350(w) x 2400(d) x 1800(h)mm 182kg
GGC13 2412(w) x 3666(d) x 1831(h)mm 2350(w) x 3600(d) x 1800(h)mm 226kg
GGC14 2412(w) x 4866(d) x 1831(h)mm 2350(w) x 4800(d) x 1800(h)mm 270kg
GGC15 2412(w) x 6066(d) x 1831(h)mm 2350(w) x 6000(d) x 1800(h)mm 314kg
GGC16 3612(w) x 3666(d) x 1831(h)mm 3555(w) x 3600(d) x 1800(h)mm 279kg
GGC17 3662(w) x 1810(d) x 1831(h)mm 3600(w) x 1750(d) x 1800(h)mm 205kg
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