Chapter 8 Barriers

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Chapter 8 Barriers
JSP Navigator® Safety Barrier - Pallet of 40JSP Navigator® Safety Barrier - Pallet of 40
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JSP JSP Navigator® Safety Barrier - Pallet of 40
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TRAFFIC-LINE HDPE Pedestrian Safety Barrier
SKU: 862821
Moravia TRAFFIC-LINE HDPE Pedestrian Safety Barrier
Sale priceFrom £180.50ex VAT
Full HDPE Design & Chapter 8 Compliant
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MultiMax™ Chain PostsMultiMax™ Chain Posts
SKU: 862198
Pittman® MultiMax™ Chain Posts
Sale price£229.00ex VAT
Retractable Cone BarRetractable Cone Bar
SKU: 862212
Pittman® Retractable Cone Bar
Sale price£19.50ex VAT
Safegate Manhole BarrierSafegate Manhole Barrier
SKU: 762153
Oxford Plastics Safegate Manhole Barrier
Sale priceFrom £59.50ex VAT
Protect Pedestrians from Open Groundworkds
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MegaMax Chain Post SetMegaMax Chain Post Set
SKU: 762140
Pittman® MegaMax Chain Post Set
Sale price£269.00ex VAT
Guarda Chain Post SetGuarda Chain Post Set
SKU: 752705
Moravia Guarda Chain Post Set
Sale priceFrom £85.50ex VAT
Lightweight Chain Barriers with 10m of Chain
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Skipper Post and Base SystemSkipper Post and Base System
Skipper Skipper Post and Base System
Sale priceFrom £23.95ex VAT
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What are Chapter 8 barriers?

Chapter 8 barriers are barriers that comply with Chapter 8 of the Department of Transport's documentation that relate to requirements in relation to road signs, barriers and temporary traffic management solutions.

Each chapter 8 barrier comes with the necessary red and white markings according to the guidelines as set out by the departement, ensuring that they are reflective so that they will be seen by nearby pedestrians or motorists.

chapter 8 barrier
chapter 8 barriers

One of our most popular chapter eight barriers is the JSP Titan Safety Barrier. These highly durable plastic barriers come with swivel feet to deploy them to site easily or store them in the back of a van or truck when being transported.

Each barrier can be connected end on end with another to close off large areas in an instant. To ensure they meet EN12899-2 they are fitted with reflective red and white bands that run along the outside of the barrier.

Another popular option with our customers is the JSP Navigator Safety Barrier. These highly visible orange barriers work similarly to the Titan barriers in that they can be deployed to site using the swivelling feet - again the red and white markings along the side ensure they are fully chapter 8 compliant. They are also extremely lightweight so that they can be easily stored or transported when needed.

From our own range we also have the JSP Titan Safety Barrier - these pedestrian barriers are part of our own GHP range and can be shipped directly from our warehouse for FAST delivery to site. To confirm the GHP Barriers are 100% fully recyclable should the need ever occur.

chapter 8 traffic barriers
Chapter 8 Barriers FAQ

Chapter 8 barriers are commonly used in various road projects, including:

  • Temporary road closures
  • Road maintenance and repairs
  • Construction of new roads

Chapter 8 barriers typically have the following key features:

  • Highly visible colors, often red or orange
  • Red and white reflective markings - usually 3no. red and 2no. white markings as standard
  • Modular designs for easy assembly and attachement to more barriers
  • Twist-in, twist-out feet so that the barriers can be packed flat for transport to and from site
  • Class R1 reflective panels - conforms to BSEN12899-1

Chapter eight barriers provide many benefits including:

  • Enhanced safety for road workers and motorists.
  • Clear delineation of groundworks, reducing the risk of accidents
  • Compliance with safety regulations and standards
  • Improved traffic flow and reduced congestion
  • Better visibility of roadwork areas in various all weather conditions.

Chapter 8 barriers are a critical part of roadwork safety and traffic management, ensuring the safety of both road workers and the public. Proper installation and adherence to guidelines are essential to maximize their effectiveness.