Armorgard TuffBench™

Option: Tuffbench (BH10)
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Armorgard's Versatile Mobile Work Bench

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  • Tough steel frame
  • Timber work surface - flush with metal edge
  • Folds up easily - chain holds legs in place
  • TuffBench+ fitted with wheels and handle as standard
  • Chain vice and engineers vice only on BH10-HWVF
  • No detachable parts - easier for transportation
  • Weight load capacity up to 300kg

The Armorgard Tuffbench heavy-duty work platform provides excellent benefits for many different workplaces - whether you're a carpenter, painter, contractor, etc. the Tuffbench is sure to help your working day go that much easier.

Made from tough steel these workbenches provide excellent stability and durability while in use at all times. The bench can be folded so that it can be transported to and from work areas quickly and easily when needed.

The added handles and wheels on the TuffBench+ allow you to move it by hand where necessary, making it easy to store when not in use or to put into the back of a van.

The TuffBench+ BH10-HWVF comes standard with a 4" chain vice and a 6" engineers vice, ideal for tradesmen who require an all-in-one solution for their work. The vices are attached at the end and side of the bench, providing an excellent way to cut wood or steel pieces as needed.

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